Starlike® Grout Products




Choosing the grout that best complements your design is just as important as making your tile selection. For decades, grout has been an afterthought in the tiling process—a last-minute decision made in the rush to get the job completed. With Starlike® grout products, you have the option of selecting grout that is as stunning as your tiles…and that will remain striking for a lifetime.


Starlike® grout products are all the things conventional grout isn’t—stain proof, mold and mildew prone, and acid resistant. Regarded as fashion grout, Starlike® grout products are suitable on nearly all surfaces and is available in current and traditional color trends, including metallic and uniform colors, elegant shades with light effects and changing reflections, glamour grout and glittering effects.

For use on virtually all surfaces

Easy Installation

  • Easy to apply
  • Easy cleaning, far better than any existing competitor
  • Easy application spreading, even easier than cementitious grout
  • Will not crack or graze during hardening
  • Stable and consistent coloring
  • Waterproof

Starlike® Grout Collections


Classic Grout Collection

For a timeless, neutral look


Glamour Grout Collection

A fashion-forward grout


Metallic Grout Collection

Stunning, reflective grout


Crystal Glass Grout®

Specialty grout for artistic designs

Jewels – Crystal Glass Grout®

Adornment for Fine Glass Tiles