Starlike Grout Consumption Chart

When determining how much grout is needed for a certain job, you must consider the tile dimensions and the width of the grout joints. Below is a consumption chart which provides options regarding the sizes of tile you are using and the joint requirements. The chart reflects the square footage coverage per 11 pound bucket of Starlike grout. Also, Starlike grout can also be used as an adhesive.



Always follow instructions carefully. Unlike most grouts, the more water the better when cleaning the tiles immediately after grouting. Frequently change the water, sponge and felt pad during cleaning. Do not cover the grouted surface with cloth or other materials during the curing process. This could cause condensation which is not recommended.

STARLIKE® Grout Collections


Classic Grout Collection

For a timeless, neutral look


Glamour Grout Collection

A fashion-forward grout


Metallic Grout Collection

Stunning, reflective grout


Crystal Glass Grout®

Specialty grout for artistic designs

Jewels – Crystal Glass Grout®

Adornment for Fine Glass Tiles

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