Starlike Shower Tile Grout



Shower Tile Grout that allows Beauty and Function to Co-Exist


When choosing shower tile grout, function often wins over aesthetics. A shower installation requires waterproof grout, of course, and it should be sturdy enough to stand up to the harsh chemicals found in shower cleaners. Also important, though, is finding a shower tile grout that works with your chosen tile patterns, enhancing your bathroom aesthetically as well as functionally. Starlike® grout products blend function and beauty, so that homeowners no longer have to compromise.


Durable and waterproof, Starlike® tile products grout is also resistant to mold and mildew, and because of its non-absorptive surface it makes a great hygienic choice. It can be used as grout or adhesive, and is strong enough to stand up to shower cleaners. It is also easy to clean, retaining its attractiveness even after repeated washing’s and consistent exposure to water. Starlike® tile products grout is especially durable when used with waterproof grout.


Starlike® tile products grout – Ideal for Versatile Shower Grout


The Tile Doctor recognized that homeowners needed grout choices that are aesthetically versatile. Available in Classic, Metallic, and Shimmer collections, Starlike® tile products grout comes in a total of 120 finishes. Some of these finishes even reflect and refract light, which make them a perfect choice for artistic installations, and for use as glass tile grout. The beauty and adaptability of Starlike® tile products grout has made it one of the most popular grouting products in the world.


  • products designed for tile care and use.
  • cement grout additives.


The Tile Doctor strives to offer the most innovative solutions for every aspect of the tile industry.

Your shower tile grout can be both gorgeous and functional. Discover more about our Starlike® grout products; call us today at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362).


Starlike® Grout Collections


Classic Grout Collection

For a timeless, neutral look


Glamour Grout Collection

A fashion-forward grout


Metallic Grout Collection

Stunning, reflective grout


Crystal Glass Grout®

Specialty grout for artistic designs

Jewels – Crystal Glass Grout®

Adornment for Fine Glass Tiles

More About Specialty Grout