Professional Stripper

Professional Stripper






A first step product for many restoration projects.


Multi-purpose formula designed to effectively remove most sealers, coatings, finishes, adhesives and paint. It is also an effective degreaser that easily removes grease, soil and oils.



Use on natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, brick, slate, saltillo, ceramic, porcelain grout, masonry and other durable flooring surfaces.


Available in Quarts and Gallons.



Apply undiluted solution to the surface with a mop, sponge or brush ensuring to wet entire surface to be removed. Allow at least 3 minutes of contact time for material to soften. Agitate surface with a brush or scrubbing machine to loosen residue. Wipe up residue with a clean absorbent sponge or towel. Rinse clean with water and allow 1-2 hours before surface traffic.


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