The Tile Doctor®, source for innovative tile products, and the exclusive North American supplier of Starlike by Litokol® and the Litokol Crystal Glass Grout™, will be conducting product demonstrations at Coverings Booth 7630, Hall C. To showcase the products’ creative applications and versatility, a sampling of classically trained mosaic artist Janice Schmidt’s creations will be on display at The Tile Doctor Coverings booth from April 29 to May 2, 2013. The artist, also known as Mosaic Goddess, will be available at the conference on Monday, April 29, 2013 for media interviews and inquiries.


“Janice Schmidt is an accomplished artist with a clear mastery of her medium,” said Curt Rapp, CEO at The Tile Doctor. “We look forward to showcasing her work and the endless artistic expressions now possible with Litokol grout,” he added.


Litokol Crystal Glass Grout™, and Litokol Starlike® grouting products and adhesives are marketed by and under The Tile Doctor brand in North America: The Tile Doctor Starlike® Grout, The Tile Doctor Crystal Glass Grout™ and The Tile Doctor Starlike®.  Both grout products are two-part epoxy grout used for the installation and grouting of ceramic and mosaic tiles.


The Tile Doctor Starlike® Grout can be used as adhesive, grout, and wall finish. It is available in three collections for a total of 94 different finishes — including metallic and uniform colors, elegant shades with light effects and changing reflections, and glittering effects. The unique light refraction qualities of The Tile Doctor Crystal Glass Grout™, otherwise known as the “chameleon effect,” brings out the full aesthetic beauty of the glass tile mosaics it is paired with in every instance.


“The unique properties of these products not only bring unprecedented artistic possibilities to tile and mosaic projects by providing specifiers more creative options,” said Rapp. “They also enable retailers to extend their reach in new creative mosaic and tile customer segments,” he explained.


To learn more, call 877-TILEDOC or visit The Tile Doctor at Coverings 2013 in Atlanta, Ga., Booth 7630, Hall C, from April 29 – May 2.


About The Tile Doctor

The Tile Doctor is a product supplier to the fast growing tile industry. The company is based on four pillars of growth: Tile Care and Use Solutions, Cement Grout Additives, STAINMASTER™ tile and grout system, and the North American distributor for the world’s leading boutique grouting product Starlike® by Litikol based in Rubiera Italy. The company serves Home Centers and Tile Distributors and showrooms. For information about The Tile Doctor, visit or call 877-TILEDOC.


About Litokol

Founded in 1968, Litokol has gradually extended the range of its activities from the traditional ceramic industry to the broader field of construction. Litokol’s mission is to promote solutions that meet the needs of professionals in the construction industry. That also means that we “get involved” and search for practical solutions. Careful selection of raw materials, control of production processes and a well-equipped laboratory and efficiently ensure consistent quality products, in accordance with the requirements of the European and control procedures dictated by ISO 9001-2000. Litokol today means a widespread presence among our customers all over the country, 75 foreign countries reached every year by our products and growing success of our materials, which compete in all markets basing the comparison on the parameters of a technical nature, attention to the aesthetic and architectural and on high reliability.