White and Blue Tile SamplesFailure to Plan When it comes to a remodel, make sure to research lots of options and color combinations. It is so hard to tell from little swatches what a color will look like in your home. Take samples of tile you are thinking of using in your backsplash to compare to your counters. Ask for advice from experts. Check out this grout disaster I snapped at a restaurant recently. Yikes!

Measuring Just Once Materials are costly and a wrong cut can cost a lot. But this mistake isn’t just limited to novice DIYers. I’m surprised how often contractors make this mistake. When I was having my master bath cabinets redone, the cabinetmaker came over a handful times to measure and still made cuts incorrectly. Don’t make this simple mistake.

Skimping So many homeowners spend a fortune on flooring and then cheap out on the inexpensive materials. Sure, DIY projects can add up in a hurry, but you want your final project to not only look good, but also remain in good shape for years to come. When you install flooring, make sure to use ¾” plywood subflooring. You’ll be glad for this solid sound barrier. When it comes to grout, make sure to buy a quality grout product. Cheap grout can stain but even worse, it can start to crack and turn to powder.

Not Asking for Help Today, so many of us would rather do anything than inconvenience a friend or neighbor. Many of us, myself included, think we are burdening friends by asking for help. If you are new to DIY or tackling a new project, you will encounter obstacles you didn’t even think would happen. So make sure you have a friend to assist you. Hey, they might learn a thing or two from watching you.

Remember: Safety Comes First Even if the project is small, make safety a priority. Wear safety goggles when working with power tools. One lesson I’ve learned the hard way: wear proper shoes. Flip-flops don’t cut it on a DIY project. And yes, even if you are simply doing a quick task, cover your feet! An average piece of plywood is a lot heavier than it looks, especially if it lands on your foot. These simple tasks will only take a few minutes, but these steps can save you from injury.

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