A kitchen backsplash does not only serve the purpose of protecting the walls from spills and stains, it’s also an opportunity to make a statement. A backsplash can be that central piece that defines a style, reflects a mood, and adds personality to your kitchen.

Kitchen Glitter Grout Backsplash Examples
By simply mixing and matching colors and textures, a backsplash can take your kitchen from a modern industrial to an eclectic funky mix. No matter what style you choose, what’s important is that you’re happy and comfortable with it and don’t hold back to try to fit a certain trend. The only rule is that it blends with the rest of your décor.

For those whose thing is everything that sparkles and shimmers, there’s an additive that turns your grout into Glitter Grout. As it comes in a plethora of colors, it can perfectly fit various styles, adding that extra finishing touch to your backsplash.

To give you a clearer picture on how to add this unique and eye-catching feature to your kitchen, The Tile Doctor has put together 5 amazing Glitter Grout Backsplash designs for your kitchen. These will without a doubt serve as inspiration.

1. Glam Style

There’s just no glam without a touch of glitter. “Neutrals may be the base of glam, but all things shimmery are the undeniable heart of this style.” Therefore, a list of glitter grout backsplash designs just wouldn’t be right if glam wasn’t in the picture.

Glam Style Glitter Grout Backsplash
Glam décor is all about elegance. As stated, this style is about neutral color palettes with white, cream, black, gray, jewel tones, and geometric patterns accompanied by dramatic lighting and elements that accentuate it, such as mirrors, crystal, and metallic decorations.

In this first design, a metallic glitter grout line serves as that sparkly touch to a tile mosaic of different neutral colors.

2. Industrial Style with a Touch of Glam

Let’s face it, it looks like industrial décor will never go out of style. Its plethora of variations make it easy to adapt to the times and different tastes. It’s no wonder it has been so widely accepted in the field of interior design.

Industrial Glitter Grout Backsplash Example
Industrial Glam is one of its many variations. It combines the raw edge of industrial design with the glamour of light-catching metallic materials. This style has all the common elements, such as cement floors, minimalism, exposed beams, pipes, ducts and/or brick walls, unfinished materials, and glass or sleek metal lighting, with a touch of glam through sparkly silver, copper, or gold accessories.

This glitter grout backsplash design could perfectly match with an industrial glam style. It adds plenty of glam to that style, as it combines a multicolor metallic design with a copper glitter grout for extra sparkle.

3. An American Coastal Style Design

American coastal style, when done right, portrays an aura of seaside relaxation with its casual, breezy, and beach-like vibe. It is achieved with furnishings made with rustic textures and fibers, decorations that mimic natural or found elements from the beach, and bit of sparkle from glass, mirrors, or other accessories.

Blue, Grey and Beige glitter Grout Backsplash
Colors such as blue tones, white, shades of gray, and sandy colors are used to subtly mimic the ocean, sky, sand, drift wood, and other elements you would usually find on a sunny beach.

Coastal style also has to do a lot with natural light and how it’s used as a main source of illumination. The drapes are pushed back and windows are kept open, allowing sunlight and fresh air to pour in to create a fresh and beachy environment.

This design shows how combining glitter grout with a glassy/translucid blue tile mosaic creates a backsplash that shimmers, just as water would on a clear sunny beach. So as you can see, simply adding glitter grout to your backsplash can give that sparkly touch that your coastal style kitchen needs to really stand out.

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4. Colorful Eclectic

When it comes to interior design, those who like to think outside the box also have a style. It’s called eclectic. This style lets you rebel against the norm by mixing styles, colors, and elements to your liking. Anything goes, just as long as it has a purpose and a cohesive look.

Colorful Glitter Grout Backsplash
An eclectic style usually mixes time periods and styles that blend with ease. Furnishings, accessories, and art tend to be unique and unexpected but manage to pull together either through pattern, shape, texture, finish, or color. When it comes to colors, this style plays a lot with contrasts in a neutral background.

This design shows how a glitter grout backsplash can perfectly pull off an eclectic look. It combines a unique tile mosaic of contrasting colors, with metallic fixtures and purple glitter grout that adds a touch of glam. This is a true combination of styles to create a unique look.

5. The Midas Touch

From chic to modern or simply eclectic, gold décor can be used like a piece of jewelry in order to make a statement. Nowadays, from plumbing fixtures to golden furniture, there’s a variety of ways in which gold can be incorporated into your kitchen to add a touch of glam.

Golden Glitter Grout Backsplash
This glitter backsplash design is intended to do just that. Adding golden glitter grout accompanied by a tile mosaic with golden and neutral tones can really light up an otherwise dull and sterile kitchen.

If you want to recreate one of these designs or you’re looking to create a glitter backsplash design of your own, The Tile Doctor offers all the grout related products you need. As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Litokol—the world’s premier tile setting and grouting products—, The Tile Doctor offers hundreds of glitter grout options for you to choose from. To learn more about The Tile Doctor’s glitter grout and related products, simply call 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362).

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