Home design is a serious business. Those who design and build homes and businesses are always looking for new ways to create something special. Whether it’s an architect drawing up blueprints for a new building project, a contractor helping to bring the project to life, or an interior design expert who’s helping to create a living space that looks great, there’s always a level of artistic creativity that needs to be met. One of the best ways to bring aesthetic pleasure to a home or business is the use of tile or mosaics. Tile projects can bring a great deal of eye appeal to any interior or exterior because tiles and mosaics offer a range of design possibilities that can be customized to a specific home, business, or to any personal taste or theme. Here are 5 metallic grout color options for your project that can give new life to an old idea.

Designing with Grout

Metallic Grout Examples
Tile grout serves a basic function. Grout not only fills in the gaps between each of the tiles to give the tile work a finished appearance, it also keeps moisture from getting beneath the tiles and it protects the edges of the tiles from being damaged. Grout also keeps the tiles in place. If you only see grout as a product used for these reasons, you’re missing out on the creative possibilities that grout can offer. Grout is going to be a part of your tile and mosaic projects anyway, so why not take advantage of it and double its value by using it as a means of expression and design?

Think of tiles and mosaics as a canvas. Grout can be the “paint” you use to bring it all together. There are so many fantastic grout colors and finishes available that the creative possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking for a classic design that utilizes standard colors, or something a bit flashier, finding creative and innovative ways to use grout to enhance your indoor or outdoor tile work is the ideal way to turn your tile work into artwork.The Tile Doctor’s Litokol epoxy grout products are durable, safe for installers and the environment, and waterproof, making it a functional product. In addition, however, it comes in over 159 colors and finishes, so it can be used as a beautiful, artistic design element itself. The combination of functionality and design possibilities make Litokol epoxy grout the obvious choice for any tile project.

Consumers today want to make the most of their living space or their work environment. It’s all about personalizing a space to create beauty, elegance, and eye appeal. Grout is a perfect way to do just that. One cool, trendy option for tile work today is the metallic look. Metallic grout is an innovative and creative option that brings a modern, flashy, or hip look to any environment.

What is Metallic Grout?

Showcase of Metallic Grout Collection with Installation Example
Metallic grout is exactly what it sounds like. Metallic grout is grout with a metallic, or metal-like, appearance. It can be considered as a designer, or boutique, grout color, and while it isn’t the right choice for every situation, it can certainly be used effectively in many different ways. The Tile Doctor offers the Starlike metallic grout color collection — a collection of unique metallic colors that can elevate your metallic-themed tile projects to something special.

Metallic tiles, finishes, and grouts can add elegance and sophistication to any environment, indoors or outdoors. They present a range of styles and textures that run the gamut, whether you’re looking for a flashy, modern feel or a warm antique personality. Metallic tiles offer a stylish alternative to dull traditional applications and projects. Shades of gold, bronze, silver, and pewter allow you to custom design a look that’s right for a particular area. Metallic grout is ideal for mosaics, backsplashes, and even on tile work on walls. The only limit is your imagination.

The Starlike metallic grout color collection is the perfect way to bring any of these looks to life in unique ways that bring any space to the next level. Metallic color choices in the Starlike metallic grout color collection include platinum, gold, bronze, copper, and rusty. These metal-themed colors and textures are vivid and stunning. These essential metal tones will allow you to complement and finish any metallic tile or mosaic project with impressive results.

Metallic Tile Projects

Imagine white marble tile set off with metallic gold grout lines for a regal look that could bring a touch of class to a bathroom or shower. Dark, etched tile patterns enhanced with copper or bronze metallic grout might be a great choice for a den, living room, or library. The possibilities are really only limited by imagination. Metallic tile and tones have been trending for some time and show no signs of going anywhere, so be bold and consider using coppers, brass, platinum, or rusty metal tones in your interior spaces. These metals are ideal for creating backsplashes in bathrooms and kitchens, or used as a feature wall in a family room, lounge, bedroom, or dining room. With the rise in metallic tile popularity, there’s no better way to bring the interior of your home to another level. Used in combination with metallic grout, you can create a myriad of beautiful, stunning metallic tile projects suitable for any room, both residential or commercial.

Think about combining the elegance of abstract artwork used with an artistic tile pattern and platinum grout to bring out a look of class and elegance. In contrast, the rusty metallic grout might be used with patterned tile to create a warm, down-home experience in a restaurant that wants its patrons to feel relaxed and unhurried. Metallic grout can be used with metallic and non-metallic tile patterns to create specific atmospheres.

For a kitchen, the copper look can be highly effective. Copper can bring a rustic charm to a backsplash, wall, or even ceiling. Even more, Copper metallic tile is easy to keep clean, which makes it ideal to use in kitchen areas. Starlike copper grout offered by the Tile Doctor, is a great way to accent varying shades of copper and highlight the warmth and rustic appeal that copper can bring to a kitchen environment.

Examples of Metallic Grout Patterns
Metallic grout is also an ideal enhancement to tile or mosaic projects that incorporate a mirrored or highly reflective appearance. The shimmering beauty of the grout makes it an ideal addition to reflective surfaces where bold lighting is present. The contrast of the Starlike metallic grout against mirrored or reflective surfaces is a great way to bring out a bold, modern tone to a bathroom, a kitchen, or a family room, or to create a classy look for a commercial building.

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Of course, any project that incorporates the use of a lot of brilliant lighting, such as a ballroom or recital room, is ideal for metallic or mirrored tile projects set off by metallic grout lines. Metallic tiles with etched patterns are another great way to add artistic integrity to any room.

Whether you want an aged, warm appearance, a classy, upscale look, or a futuristic feel, metallic and mirrored tiles enhanced with Starlike metallic grout is the ideal way to bring it all together. Starlike metallic grout is epoxy based, easy to use, and durable enough to last a lifetime. Like other great Starlike products offered by The Tile Doctor, Starlike metallic grout is stain and chemical resistant, suitable for high traffic areas, and not prone to cracking and crumbling like cement-based grouting products, making it the perfect choice for any tile project, indoors or out. Epoxy grout uses quartz aggregate, which ensures color consistency throughout your tile project. It also requires no sealing like cement-based grout, which means you can realize your artistic ideas with a product that reduces the risk of installation error during the application process. The end result is a long-lasting, beautiful tile installation that will enhance the surrounding property.

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive North American U.S. distributor for Litokol, the world leader in boutique grouting product. Litokol grouting products are used extensively worldwide and are highly respected for both their quality and their high level of performance. Litokol products, which includes the Starlike metallic grout color collection, is also known for the aesthetic appeal they bring to any tile or mosaic installation.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect metallic grout to enhance your metallic tile projects or you have another tile project in mind, The Tile Doctor is your best choice for tile grout products. To learn more about our superior tile grout products, line of sealers, cleaners, and maintenance products for your tile installation, contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). To find a store near you that sells Tile Doctor products, then use our Store Finder option on our website. We look forward to helping you unleash the artist in you with exclusive, innovative, high-quality grout products and excellent customer service that focuses on fulfilling customer needs!

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