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Are you an architect, builder, designer, artist, or even a homeowner who is planning a makeover project in a kitchen, bathroom, pool, or any other area of your home or office; do you think that a little sparkle would look great? Look no further! The Tile Doctor has the perfect product for you when you buy glitter grout from us. This product will give any surface a glitter look. One of the best attributes you get when you buy glitter grout is that it can turn any room into a glamorous and glistening display, giving it a unique and spectacular look.

Rooms with Glitter Grout Applied

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Litokol, the world’s premier tile setting and grouting products, including glitter grout. Moreover, this allows The Tile Doctor to offer hundreds of great options when you buy glitter grout, including spotlight, galaxy, gold finishes, and more. Many people have no idea how incredible your tile projects can look when you buy glitter grout. Generally speaking, consumers are used to seeing grout in neutral colors, such as snow white, bone, sandstone, and cape gray. With The Tile Doctor’s glitter grout additives, you can achieve unique and exclusive grout effects that match your tile designs without compromising the cleanliness of the product.

The Tile Doctor's Large Selection of Glitter Grout Finishes

The Largest Selection When You Want to Buy Glitter Grout

Since Curt Rapp founded The Tile Doctor in 2000, the company has actively built its brand by looking for true innovation—and Litokol’s glitter grout is a great example of this. Besides its wide variety of finishes, one of the benefits you get when you buy glitter grout is that it is chemical and water-resistant, which means that glitter grout can be used anywhere that regular/standard grout can be used. If you wantto create a dazzling glitter grout backsplash in a kitchen, bathroom, wall space, or pool, glitter grout is the perfect product. Why? Because its aesthetically pleasing, it will harmoniously blend with any tile, and it is resistant to sunlight, water, and chemicals used in outdoor scenarios such as decks and pools.

Blue Tiles and Grout With Glitter Gold Finish

To learn more about the best place to buy glitter grout products, contact us for more information. We can tell you about our grout sealers, cleaners, epoxy grout, and maintenance products for all your tile project needs. Call us today at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362). We look forward to helping you!