Modern Beige CeilingWhen you think of updating a room, you think of flooring and walls, right? But what about the ceiling. They can have a huge impact on the room too. Besides painting, you can put wall coverings, tile or even hardwoods.

Another reason to use tile or hardwoods on a ceiling is to cover up an outdated stipple or popcorn ceiling. Check out this bathroom, with hardwood flooring used to cover up an ugly stipple ceiling. The dark peacock tile and verde butterfly counters were well balanced with the lighter and brighter hardwood. Note that hardwoods (even on the ceiling in a full bath) are not a good idea as the steam can damage the wood.

Also, note that if you have a large bathroom, you can choose to only put tile in the shower area and it is totally acceptable. These large tiles mimicked the Versailles pattern on the floor quite nicely.

My recommendation is to put ceramic or porcelain tile in a shower as natural stone can let water seep through even after it is sealed. Even though I know mortar works well to hold the tile, I was still impressed by the gravity defying effect that secures this heavy tile to the ceiling within seconds. I’d enlist the help of a partner if undertaking this. You’d be surprised how quickly your arms will tire from this!

If you’ve fallen in love with a paint color that might be a bit jarring for an entire room (even a small bathroom), consider putting it on the ceiling. A light color on the walls and a bold or dark color, like red or eggplant, on the ceiling can be a real stunner.

What color / material would you most like to incorporate into your ceiling?

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