When the time comes to choose the best grout for your shower or bathroom wall tiles, the options can seem overwhelming. Do you pick epoxy or cement-based grout? Sanded or unsanded? It’s an important choice to make, because a shower requires something durable, able to stand up not only to a lifetime of water exposure, but also to the chemicals you’ll inevitably use to clean the shower. At the same time, when you’ve put in the effort to tile your shower, you’ll want to choose a grout that’s attractive, complementing the bathroom wall tiles you’ve worked so hard to select and install.

Epoxy Grout Is the Best Option for Showers and Moist Environments
Choose a waterproof grout. You might be thinking, “There are grouts that aren’t waterproof?” It is a common misconception that tiles and grout are waterproof, when in fact both absorb moisture. In most cases, The Tile Doctor’s Starlike grout will be the best option for bathroom wall tiles. Made from two different resins and fired-on colored quartz aggregate (to ensure the color does not fade over time) our grout is waterproof and isn’t easily damaged by harsh cleaning products. In addition, Starlike has a very even color, and can even sparkle when glitter particles are added to the mix.

If you’re choosing between sanded and unsanded grout, tile placement can be the deciding factor. If the tiles are very close together, an unsanded grout is probably best. But if the design calls for the tiles to be positioned wider apart, sanded grout is a must. Any tiles that you’ll step on regularly should have sanded grout, as should handmade tiles.

Choose a grout that won’t be stained by mold and mildew. Keeping showers free of mold and mildew is a headache for most homeowners, and harsh cleaning agents are a reactionary solution. Choosing a grout that is resistant to mold and mildew alleviates the build up of fungus and keeps your bathroom wall tiles beautiful and easy to clean.

Water Resistant Epoxy Grout
We at The Tile Doctor® really like Litokol grouts. Based in Rubiera, Italy, Litokol makes a wide variety of products for not only the traditional ceramic industry, but also the broader field of construction. Using carefully selected raw materials and a high level of quality control, Litokol has grown into a worldwide presence, with a reputation for reliability and attention to aesthetics. It is currently sold in over 90 countries.

**Starlike Grout is a grouting product that can be used as adhesive and grout. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to heavy-duty cleaning supplies, yet undeniably attractive and available in a total of 94 finishes.

**Crystal Glass Grout® is a translucent grout made of tiny glass beads. This grout is especially beautiful for grouting glass tiles, because it reflects and refracts light. This creates a chameleon effect, as the grout either takes on the colors in the tile and enhances the beauty of the design, or remains neutral in color, not clashing with the color of the glass. Crystal Glass Grout is the simple and easy choice for glass tiles.

Choosing a color is important. Grout comes in a wide range of colors, and choosing the best color for your floor and bathroom wall tiles is largely subjective. That said, though, in most cases it’s good to follow certain rules of thumb. In a small area, we suggest you choose a color that closely matches the tile or the lightest color of tile, while larger rooms can make a striking statement with contrasting colors. Take note, also, that high contrast grout requires a high level of precision, because imperfection in the grout will highlight any flaws in the tile installation.

Starlike works perfectly with shower, floor and wall tiles. Whether you’re trying to choose the best grout or bathroom wall tile, or you just need a good source for how-to articles and information about tile, The Tile Doctor is your best resource. Offering groundbreaking products and innovative solutions for all your tiling needs, The Tile Doctor is a front-runner the fast-growing tile industry.

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