One of the common types of grout used for tile installations is cement-based grout. There are, however, many issues inherent with cement grout. The primary issue is the porous nature of the product, which makes it susceptible to damage from moisture and heavy traffic.

Our Epoxy Grout Will Allow You to Combine Style with Top-Quality
Although this type of grout has been used throughout the construction and contracting industry for decades, many contractors, home interior designers, and consumers have begun to embrace epoxy grout. That’s because epoxy grout is a far superior product to cement-based grout, not only in its durability and performance, but because it has many applications beyond simple functionality. The trend toward designer grout has made epoxy grout a smarter choice than ever.

Benefits of Epoxy Grout

Let’s talk about some of the reasons epoxy grout is a far superior grout than other types of grout. There are many characteristics that make epoxy grout the perfect grout for tile projects, mosaics, and even some other creative design applications you may not think of right away.

The biggest advantage of epoxy grout, as we mentioned earlier, is its durability. Epoxy grout is resistant to cracks, stains, chemicals, and extreme weather and climate changes. These are things that can degrade other types of grout. Because epoxy grout is so durable, it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Epoxy grout is suitable for high-traffic areas and conditions where there is a lot of moisture, humidity, or extreme cold. Lesser-quality grouts crack, crumble, and fall away under conditions like these.

Many people are hesitant to use epoxy grout because it can be more expensive than cement-based grout, but the slightly higher expense of epoxy grout saves you money over time. When you consider the expense of replacing grout that doesn’t hold up to the extreme elements we’ve talked about so far, epoxy grout is actually less expensive to use than the inferior grout products on the market. With minimal maintenance, epoxy grout can last for decades.

Epoxy grout is not only functional, but it has an aesthetic value that can be used in a myriad of ways to bring beauty to your home. Epoxy grout can be found in a multitude of colors and styles, making it perfect for anyone who wants to express themselves creatively. Are you a homeowner working on a DIY tile project? Do you remodel homes? Are you a contractor looking for a superior grout? Epoxy grout is the best, most versatile grout you can use.

Creative Ideas for Epoxy Grout

Most people know epoxy grout is a great choice for tile and mosaic projects, but there are other creative and artistic ways to use epoxy grout. Epoxy grout is versatile and ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. A great way to utilize epoxy grout outside of its typical purpose (as a filler between tiles) is to use it in other decorative applications. Since epoxy grout is so durable, it’s ideal for vases, garden art projects, or outdoor walkways. Indoor applications might include coffee tables and other furniture, wall art, or 3D art you can decorate your home with. The uses for epoxy grout beyond pure functionality are limited only by your imagination.

Bring your Mosaic Art Projects to the Next Level with Starlike Grout
The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol grout products. Starlike grout is a designer grout that is durable and long lasting. Starlike grout is revered in the construction and contracting industry as one of the safest grouting products available anywhere. That’s because Starlike grout is non-toxic and safe for installers, consumers, and the environment. It contains no harmful chemicals and can be used safely in any situation. In addition to its non-toxic qualities, Starlike grout is a far superior epoxy grout to so many others on the market. The high-performance and durability of Litokol Starlike designer grout has made it one of the most sought after grout products on the market.

Starlike epoxy grout is not only superior in its functionality, it offers a range of aesthetic possibilities that let you exercise your creativity. Starlike fashion grout is available in three distinct collections that include over 159 colors, allowing you to express yourself in ways you might never have considered. These color collections include a myriad of options that include glamour colors for the more outgoing consumer and classic colors for those who prefer a more traditional approach.

We carry metallic grout and glitter grout for the more adventurous consumer, glass tile grout for enhancing and reflecting the unique color of your tiles, and Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels to add sparkle to your designs. Our new Diamond Grout is one example of the exceptional quality and aesthetic value of Starlike Grout products. With fine diamond aggregate and genuine diamonds, our Diamond Grout brings unparalleled class to your glass tile installations.

At the Tile Doctor, we also offer safe, non-toxic additives that allow you to maximize the full potential of your designer grout. Our additives help you add unique finishes and special touches to tile any tile project. The Galaxy, Spotlight, Gold, and Night vision additives, when mixed with Starlike, allow consumers to expand the uniqueness and creativity of their grout work by allowing them to create their own personal visions. Our Night Vision additive lets you add glow in the dark properties to any color grout without affecting the original color. With Starlike Grout products, the creative possibilities of Starlike grout are almost limitless.

Our Additives Help You Add Unique Finishes and Special Touches to Tile Any Tile Project
Another great Starlike grout product from The Tile Doctor is Starlike Crystal Glass Grout. This amazing grout lets you brighten any room with an elegant touch. Starlike Crystal Glass Grout is comprised of tiny, hollow glass beads that reflect and refract light, creating a brilliant effect and eliminating the need for color grout. Like all of The Tile Doctor’s grout products, this is an epoxy grout, which means consumers can be assured their tile work will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will have durability and longevity, maintaining its beauty for decades to come.

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