Decorative Grout

Are you looking for decorative grout? Look no further than the Tile Doctor for the best decorative grout options on the market. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol epoxy grout, which comes in over 159 colors and finishes. This means that no matter what your tile installation needs from an aesthetic standpoint, you will be able to find the best decorative grout options in one of Starlike’s exclusive color collections. Whether you are looking for something with a modern metallic flair, a hot fashion application, or a simple classic approach, you will be able to find a decorative grout option. You can even add the sparkle of jewels with Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels or use the reflective properties of glass with Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout.

Different Types of Grout Colors
In addition to having the best decorative grout options you’ll find anywhere, Starlike epoxy grout contains no toxic ingredients, making it safe for installers, consumers, and the environment. Starlike is so safe, in fact, it can be disposed of with none of the special considerations often required by other types of grout. Starlike grout is also the easiest epoxy grout on the market, bringing the risk of installer error down dramatically. Starlike grout is also highly durable. It can stand up under the most extreme conditions, including damp areas or extreme weather conditions. This means Starlike decorative grout will last the lifetime of your tile and mosaic installations.

Starlike Non Toxic Grouting Products are Safe for the Environment, Humans and Pets
With its range of colors and finishes, Starlike decorative grout will give any tile installation exceptional aesthetic appeal along with superior durability and safety. So If you’re looking for the best decorative grout on the market, there really is no better choice than Litokol’s Starlike grout, distributed in the U.S. exclusively by the Tile Doctor.