Grout can be used as a way to incorporate high-end design appeal into any environment. Recent trends show grout being used as a decorative element as well. High-quality epoxy grout in various colors and textures help elevate tile and mosaic projects to another level, allowing consumers to express themselves artistically. Colored grout is a great way to bring personality to any room of a home or even to an outdoor patio or pool area.

Diamond Grout Is A Design Trend Growing in Popularity Among Exclusive Designers
The Tile Doctor offers a huge range of designer grout colors. We are the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol brand epoxy grout and grout products. The Starlike brand of epoxy grout is a superior product respected in the industry not only for its durability and flexibility, but for its high level of safety as well. Starlike grout is non-toxic, so it’s safe for consumers, pets, and for the environment. Our grout color collections include specialty and grout color collections that range from classic and vintage colors to metallic and glamour colors, all designed to bring an exciting, artistic look to any area, indoors or out. We also offer Crystal Glass Grout® and Crystal Glass Grout Jewels® to give you even more artistic flexibility.

We are now pleased to announce the availability of our new Diamond Grout. Diamond grout takes artistic design and glamour to the next level. Our Diamond Grout is not just a color. It’s a part of our Crystal Glass Grout Jewels collection, and when we say this is a whole different level of sparkle, we mean it. Our Diamond Grout is encrusted with a mix of very fine real diamond aggregate. In fact, a single square foot of installed glass tiles will include 7 or more carats of diamond fused into the grout, depending upon the size of the joints. This means that whatever project you use Diamond Grout for, you’re going to get one of the most stunning presentations you can get. The shimmering, reflective beauty of our Diamond Grout will take any glass tile installation to another level. Classy, elegant, and high-end are just some of the ways you can describe Diamond Grout from the Tile Doctor.

Like all grout colors at the Tile Doctor, Diamond Grout is consistent and of the highest quality. Our grout is durable and safe for installers, consumers, pets, and the environment. Once Starlike grout has been installed, you can count on it to withstand heavy traffic, extreme weather conditions, and moist environments. That’s because Litokol products are designed to be superior to any other grout available anywhere in the world. That’s why so many contractors, interior decorators, and homeowners rely on Starlike grout for their creative tile projects.

Diamond Grout is one of the most beautiful ways to make a glass tile installation pop. The reflective properties of the glass and diamond together create a dazzling display that will leave you breathless. Diamond Grout is simply amazing in its appearance. Whether you use it to bring sparkle to a pool or a touch of elegance to a bathroom, you’re going to see an amazing visual that will be one of the biggest attractions in any home.

7 Carats of Real Diamond by Square Foot of Tile Installation
If you are thinking of something bold and classy like Diamond Grout or something a little subtler, the Tile Doctor has the grout colors you’re looking for. Our fantastic color collections include an assortment of choices that let you create any look or feel you desire. Whether you’re looking something subtle like the colors in our Starlike Classic Grout Collection or something more fashion-minded like that outstanding colors in our Starlike Glamour Grout Colors collection, there’s a Starlike epoxy grout color perfect for your dream project. You can even take your designs a step further by adding incredible special effects and textures that can only be achieved with high-quality Starlike finishes.

Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout and Starlike Color Crystal Grout will help you take advantage of the aesthetics of your tile. This translucent grout is made up of small, hollow glass beads that cause it to reflect light. The grout takes on the hues and design of your tiles, bringing out the aesthetic beauty of any tile installation. Because of these light-refracting qualities let this grout work with your tiles to enhance them rather than detract from them. The Crystal Glass Grout Jewels Collection can be used in conjunction with any of these grout color collections to create an almost endless array of color schemes that let you express individuality.

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Whether you’re looking for a way to add classy elegance to a special area of a home with Diamond Grout or you’re simply looking for the best epoxy grout products available for other special tile installations, Starlike grout products from The Tile Doctor are the best choice you can make. Trust the professionals who appreciate true quality. Take your tile installations to another level with epoxy grout products from the Tile Doctor. Call us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362) and let’s discuss your project. Our expert staff will help you find the perfect grout for your project.

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