Swimming pools are one of the most sought after features of both residential and commercial properties and also a large investment. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be the focal point of any landscape, whether indoors or outdoors. Tile work is often a central feature of swimming pools and the areas surrounding them. Swimming pools provide a great canvas for the creative use of tiles, mosaics, and boutique grout. Below are some epoxy grout ideas for swimming pools that will add a splash of color and personality to any pool area.

What is the Best Grout for Swimming Pools?

Tile grout is an essential part of the tile and mosaic work found in many swimming pools and swimming pool areas. For this type of installation, traditional cement-based grout is not a good choice at all. Cement-based grout is porous and subject to staining and cracking. The damp conditions found in swimming areas can have adverse effects on cement-based grout. There can also be negative effects caused by chlorine and detergents used for cleaning in and around the swimming pool. It’s important to choose a grout you can count on to withstand the dampness and the use of chemicals associated with swimming pools.

Outdoor Pool With Flower Mosaic Design
The obvious choice for swimming pools is a grout product that’s waterproof and capable of holding up under the humid conditions that can be found around swimming pools. Epoxy grout is durable, waterproof, and requires no sealing. For these reasons, waterproof epoxy grout is a great choice for swimming pools. It’s resistant to staining, cracking, and crumbling, making it ideal for areas where there is a likelihood of high traffic. Epoxy grout is also resistant to extreme weather conditions and moisture, so it’s perfect for the damp and sometimes humid environment associated with swimming pools.

Epoxy grout products are more expensive than traditional grout products, but only in the short-term. Investing a little extra money in a suitable epoxy grout for your swimming pool will save you a lot of money and headaches in the future. The benefits of epoxy grout far outweigh and justify the additional cost, because using the wrong grout for your swimming pool and surrounding area now will cost you more in years to come in maintenance and probable failure of the tile system. High-quality waterproof grout is the only smart way to ensure your swimming pool tile designs hold up and last a lifetime. Anything less than epoxy grout is a waste of time and will lead to expensive re-grouting later on.

Epoxy Grout Ideas for Swimming Pools

While the functional aspects of the grout you choose for your swimming pool and deck area are highly important, there’s no reason to sacrifice artistic nuances that can make your swimming pool something to behold. Consumers are hungry for beauty these days, and that means there’s a demand on every element in a project to deliver. Even the grout used in tile installations around the pool are expected to offer up artistic delight. That’s why boutique grout colors and finishes have become such a trendy thing. Grout might be an essential part of any tile installation, but there’s no reason it can’t perform double duty, both as a way to hold tiles in place and add a layer of artistic expression to swimming pool tile installations. The Tile Doctor understands this and offers decorative and functional Litokol epoxy grout products that are safe for installers and safe for the environment. There are over 159 colors and finishes available to turn your swimming area into a work of art.

Indoor Swimming Pool
With industry recognition of the artistic possibilities of grout, many wonderful boutique grout products have begun to turn up on the market. There are a myriad of ways you can use epoxy grout on tile and mosaic projects to make your swimming pool impressive. Mosaic patterns and designs on the bottom of your pool is one of the best ways to create a beautiful pool. Mosaics can be used to create complex abstract or concrete artwork that will give your pool a stunning appearance. Waterproof epoxy grout is ideal for securing and protecting your mosaics even under water, so the designs you choose can extend to the actual swimming pool itself, not just around the swimming pool. This opens up so many ways to bring your pool area to life with tile and mosaic installations that range from subtle to simply breathtaking.

One way to really make tile work stand out around the pool is to create several smaller designs around the pool area rather than tiling the entire area. Using various patterns or artwork spaced evenly around the pool area can add visual appeal and prevent the area from looking boring. You can create sparse artwork around the edges of a swimming pool or complex abstract patterns that create vivid displays of color and brilliance. Try broken or uneven tile designs set off with vivid colored epoxy grout for a more unique presentation. There are absolutely no limits to the designs and patterns you can create around your pool.

That isn’t to say patterns are the only way to make a pool area look appealing. Using wider tiles in alternating color patterns is one way to have a solid tile area surrounding a pool while still adding some variety to the space. You don’t have to avoid using a single tile color around or in your pool, but if that’s the choice you make, using colored epoxy grout to complement the tile color can help bring out the color of the tiles and give the area a more open feel.

Pools with Different Patterns
Metallic grouts are another great way to really make a swimming area sparkle. Outside pools benefit from the stunning effects of the metallic grout because the sunlight will reflect off the metallic grout lines and give your entire patio and pool area vibrancy. No traditional cement-based grout will do this. It’s the perfect combination of functionality and artistic flair. The grout is a necessary element to any tile installation, but when you can incorporate it into the actual design of your swimming pool and the deck area, you get more bang for your buck. It’s a win/win situation all the way around.

Glass tiles are another great way to bring some stunning artistic brilliance to your swimming area, and with translucent epoxy grout, you can use colored glass tiles or mosaics to brighten up your deck with stunning mosaic artwork. Translucent epoxy grout reflects and refracts light, enhancing the color of glass tiles. The shifting colors created by this type of application can bring layers of color to the tiles around your swimming pool. This can look particularly beautiful in sunlight or even during nocturnal pool parties where a lot of excessive light is being used around the deck.

Pools with Different Color Combinations
Hot tubs, spa pools, and commercial hotel pools can be designed much the same way as residential pools. The myriad of tile choices available make it easy to customize the look of a pool regardless of its location. Small spa pools and hot tubs might benefit more from intricate mosaic patterns, where larger residential and commercial pools are ideal for larger tiles and more complex artistic layout. All of these uses can be enhanced with custom grout colors and finishes to match the patterns and tiles of the pool. For Olympic swimming pools, school swimming pools, or public swimming pools, a subtler classic look might be more appropriate, with traditional aqua colors and accents, and large tiles that focus on functionality. Waterproof epoxy grout is ideal for these types of swimming facilities because of its durability and reliability. Not only is the Tile Doctor’s Litokol epoxy grout products durable, they come in an array of beautiful colors and finishes that open up an artistic palette and inspire creativity.

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