Update Your Swimming Pool Grout for a Better Looking Pool

As pool tile begins to show its age, swimming pool grout gets dingy and damaged, often making the entire pool look old and uninviting. When this happens, homeowners may think they need to replace the tile, at considerable expense, but this is not necessarily the case. Replacing the swimming pool grout can give your pool a fresh look, while costing up to 70% less than replacement of the tile itself!

Blue Tile PoolBe forewarned, this is not a simple project. Before you decide to replace your swimming pool grout, try cleaning the tile and grout with soap and a brush, to see if you can remove mineral deposits and brighten its appearance. If that fails to improve the appearance, try a 2:1 solution of water and hydrogen peroxide, or even a bleach solution, to try and clean stubborn stains. While re-grouting is much easier and less expensive than replacing the tile entirely, it’s still quite labor intensive.

If you do decide that replacing the swimming pool grout is necessary, make sure it’s non-sanded grout. For sanded grout, you’ll need to try a different method of refreshing, like recoloring the grout.

Gather the tools you’ll need before you begin. You’ll need a grout saw, perhaps a power saw with a diamond blade, and a grout scraper, chisel, or rotary tool to get between the tiles. You’ll also need a bucket for mixing grout, and another for water, a grout float, a trowel for mixing, a grout sponge, and towels and a wet/dry vac for cleanup. In addition, have on hand a cleaner for the areas between the tiles; phosphoric acid is one option, but a 1:1 water and vinegar solution will work as well. Scrub brush, scrub pads and grout will complete your list.

Remove the old grout. It’s important that you remove at least 1/16th inch of grout before you apply new grout; anything less than that, and you run the risk of having your new swimming pool grout rinsed away. Once you’ve scraped out the grout, clean the area thoroughly to prepare the surface for new grout.

Choose your grout wisely. You’ll want to pick a grout that’s durable and attractive, able to withstand the chemicals in your pool, yet aesthetically pleasing. Plain white grout used to be the go-to option, but today’s grouts come in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your style and match your pool. For a waterproof grout, check out Starlike® Specialty Grout.

Apply the grout at a 45° angle. Work in small sections, cleaning up any loosened grout quickly, and wiping off the excess as you go. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions, and wear a protective mask as you work.

Enjoy your beautiful pool! Once you’ve finished replacing your swimming pool grout, your pool will look as if it’s brand new! Choose the right color and style of grout, and you’ll be delighted with the results of your hard work.

The Best Swimming Pool Grout for the Look You Want

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