Today’s grout is as much an artistic statement as it is a functional product for keeping tiles sealed and in place. Quality grouts come in a myriad of colors and offer a wide selection of choices for design purpose. The Tile Doctor, for instance, is the exclusive distributor of Litokol Starlike grout. This is a high-quality epoxy sought after by industry professionals worldwide, not only for its functionality, but for its aesthetic value as well. At the Tile Doctor, we proudly carry the full range of Starlike grout. That means you can find over 159 colors and finishes, giving you the widest artistic palette possible for any of your tile or mosaic projects. Whatever you’re working on you can create a true masterpiece using Starlike boutique grout.

Designer Grout Color Options
The big question, however, is how do I match grout color to tile. The answer seems easy enough because it’s simple. Matching grout color to tile is largely a matter of personal taste and preference. What may look beautiful to one person can look appalling to another. We all have different ideas of what is attractive. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have the eye for design, there are some ways to think about matching grout color to tiles that can help you pick just the right combination.

First, consider that darker colors make an area feel tighter and smaller, so if you are working in a smaller room, you may want to avoid using both dark-colored tiles and an equally dark grout. Find a lighter shade of one or the other to help give a small room the appearance it is larger. If your tiles are dark, simply adding a color of grout that is lighter can really create the illusion of space. Dark tiles and dark grout in a larger room is fine. That’s because a big room can absorb that combination much better.

Modern Dark Grout and Tile Bathrooms
What emotion are you going for? Bright colors can really work in a child’s bathroom because you want a lighter, less serious feel. Pinks, blues, purple, or grout colors with a sparkle additive can work well in a child’s room. On the other hand, darker colors such as red and browns can help make a study or a family room warmer and cozier.

Use contrast. Matching the color of the grout exactly to the tiles can really create a flat appearance. Take advantage of the artistic possibilities of the grout lines by choosing a lighter shade of the same color as your tiles to create contrast. Better yet, you might want to choose a completely different color for the grout lines than the tile to create a sharp contrast. At the Tile Doctor, our range of colors offer all of these choices and more. If there are several colors in your tiles, you will need to decide which of those colors is most prominent or which of those colors you want to bring attention to. If you’ve got boring tiles with no real pattern, you might consider using textures and additives with your grout to help bring some life to the tiles.

Light Grout Bathrooms
Do remember that darker colors are easier to keep looking clean. Dirt and other external agents won’t show up as much. Lighter colors will show dirt and stains easier than dark colors. The good news here, however, is that Starlike grout is a high-quality grout that will keep dirt and other outside elements from seeping in. It’s very easy to keep clean.

Always Test the Grout and Tile Together Before You Install

This may seem like an obvious comment, but you want to check the grout color against the tiles before you even get started. Do a mock layout with the tiles you plan to use. Stand back and really get a good look at it. Is it what you want? Does it look the way you thought it would look? Once the grout on your mock-up has dried, you can check to see if the color is consistent and if it appears the same way you envisioned it.

And, of course, if your artistic vision runs to the extreme, no one can tell you there are rules about how to match grout color to tile. At the Tile Doctor, we carry classic grout colors like our oyster gray grout, but if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, we also offer glamourous colors, like our shades of blue grout, and colors that are a bit more outside the classic genre like pink grout and purple grout. For those of you who really want to step out on a ledge and bring a unique vision to your tile project, we offer very bold metallic colors and Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels to really bring a dazzling display to your project.

If you’ve got a project that you really want to shine, you can try a Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout. Here’s another exceptionally bold statement. Glass tiles are extremely popular for the range of applications and for the aesthetics and our Crystal Glass Grout is just perfect for them. Not only is it durable and easy to keep clean, it combines with any glass tile color, making it ideal for introducing light to otherwise dull environments. Our Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout is perfect for swimming pools, hot tubs, and any area where there will be moisture or a damp environment. That’s because it is a non-shrink product with a high-compression strength. Its aesthetics are absolutely unmatched by any other grout product because it has the ability to bend light to create a chameleon effect, which means it can assume the qualities and properties of tiles you match it with.

Are you looking for a range of boutique grout colors to match to your latest tile or mosaic project? To learn more about Starlike grout, contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). Besides being aesthetically-pleasing, Starlike grout is non-toxic and completely safe for the installer, consumers, pets, and the environment. Starlike grout is also durable and long lasting, it is ideal for interior and exterior settings. There really is no better choice than Starlike grout for the best design and durability in the industry.

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