Turning Grout Work into Art Work

Learning how to choose grout color is important if you are ready to take advantage of the full range of possibilities when it comes to making the most out of each tile project you work on. Colored grout has become a trendy decorative element these days, with architects, interior designers, restoration specialists, and everyday homeowners always searching for boutique and specialty grout colors to enhance and enrich their latest projects. There are many ways to use colored grout and a variety of great colors and textures to choose from. Colors range from classic or vintage to more modern colors that can add pizzazz and stylish glamour to any indoor or outdoor setting. Today, grout is used as much for aesthetic appeal as it is for its intended function. When laying tile, whether indoors or outdoors, choosing appropriate and decorative grout colors can help breathe life into any space. Knowing how to choose grout color and how to make grout colors work for lets you use grout in the same way an artist uses paint.

Rooms With Decorative Grout Colors

The Eye of the Beholder

Everyone’s taste is different. What looks good to one person may not look good to someone else. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your imagination run wild and create a masterpiece with your next grout project. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to using colored grout to turn a home or business into a work of art using high-quality colored grout and grout finishing products.

First, purchase tiles or mosaics that fit the design you have in mind. Decide if you want to match the grout color to the color of your tiles or if you want the grout color to be complementary or a high contrast. Depending on the choice you make, the color of the grout next to the tiles you’ve chosen to work with will change not only the appearance of a room, but the way the room is perceived when you enter it. Contrasting color between the grout and tile can make a room feel broken or choppy. Matching the colors can make a room feel larger. Darker tiles with a lighter shade of the same color might make a room feel smaller, but you might find it cozier as well. When you are learning how to choose grout color, simply think of it in terms of the way colors come together. Laying grout doesn’t have to be a dirty job at all. It can be a study in artistic expression. Before making your choices, look at several tile options and check out the grout color choices available. Find the combination that gives your room or the exterior of your home or business the personality you want it to have.

Rooms with Matching and Contrasting Grout Colors

How Choosing the Right Grout Color Can Change Your Life

The way a room looks can affect mood. Darker colors can make a person feel gloomy, closed in, and trapped. On the other hand, dark colored grout with dark tiles or mosaics might promote a cozy, secure feeling. Maybe brighter colored grout works better. There have been case studies throughout history showing the effect a room’s aesthetics can have on mental, and even physical, health. Learning how to choose grout color may not seem like a big deal, but unless you want to suffer the time and expense of redoing your tile and grout work, take the time get it right.

Another consideration when choosing grout color is how visible dirt will be. Lighter colored grout will show dirt much more than darker colored grout, which means you’ll spend more time cleaning your counters, walls, or floors. If you want to use light-colored grout, you’ll want to choose a high-quality product with color that holds its vibrancy and stands up against chemicals and the elements.

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Finding the Right Grout to Work With

Many people believe cement-based grout is the only option for tile projects, but at the Tile Doctor, we specialize in high-quality epoxy grout, which is far superior to cement-based grout. Cement-based grouts are porous and prone to cracking. Cement-based grout also stains easily. Epoxy grout is resistant to stains and chemicals and holds up against the elements, making it a far better choice for tile and grout work.

At the Tile Doctor, we understand the importance of having dependable, high-quality grout products. That’s why we are the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol products– the world’s premier high-performance fashion tile setting and grouting products company. These products include colored epoxy grout and grout finishing products that bring a heightened level of fashion to an otherwise boring product category. Our grout color collections include specialty and boutique grout color options ranging from classic and vintage colors to metallic and glamour colors designed to bring an exciting, artistic look to any area. We even offer Crystal Glass Grout® and Crystal Glass Grout Jewels® to help you make a fashion statement. The range of grout colors available from the Tile Doctor ensures there are plenty of color choices to meet the needs of any grout and tile project.

Wide Selection of Grout Colors

The Tile Doctor is committed to providing excellent products. Because our grout does not contain pigments like cement grout it cannot be over-washed which causes grout discoloration. It contains a colored quartz that provide the grout color and it ensures that the grout color will look uniform throughout the project.

The Tile Doctor’s assortment of epoxy grout colors can be your artistic palette. Choose from a variety of colors to complement, contrast, or match any tile , stone, or mosaic project. Add some sparkle with vivid metallic colors, or keep it simple with warm, cozy colors. It doesn’t matter what look you’re going for, the Tile Doctor is the best choice for the highest quality epoxy grout in all the best color.

Take a look at our grout color chart to find the perfect colors for your artistic side. Let the Tile Doctor help you make an artistic statement by bringing you the best colored epoxy grout available anywhere. When you’re ready to begin a tile project, the Tile Doctor’s epoxy grout products for tile installations are the best choice you can make!

To learn more about our superior tile grout products, our line of sealers, cleaners, and maintenance products for your tile installation, contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We look forward to helping you!

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