Wood BathroomIt is funny that bathrooms, the smallest rooms in the home, can be the most intricate and so involved, considering the space is so small. There are many tile considerations which include floors, counters, backsplash and shower. Here, I’ll discuss choosing the right tile for all the areas of your bathroom.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, visit a tile store and go over the various options. Ask a store associate if you aren’t sure where to start. The best advice is to walk around and see what catches your eye. I’m a big proponent of finding tile for one area and matching your other pieces around that. For example, you might fall in love with a Travertine tile or marble for the your floor. You can find different pieces for your backsplash, counter and shower to compliment this.

Bathroom remodel: Travertine floor, granite counter, Mix Mosaic Glass and Stone

Or, if budget is a consideration, as it is for many, pick a remnant granite piece and match all the other tile components around that. A remnant piece is a piece of granite that has already been cut and is what is leftover after a large project is done.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Tile is cold on your feet in the winter, so consider a heated flooring system
  • Any natural tile should be properly sealed to protect from spills (ie nail polish remover, makeup)
  • Natural tile should not be used in a shower as it is extremely porous even with a sealer. Water can get in behind it and mold can start growing.
  • For shower tile, a porcelain tile might work well. There are many that come in a variety of colors and sizes that look like natural stone. They also have various coordinating pieces. For example you may be using large tile pieces for the wall, but you’ll need the smaller pieces for the shower floor as this needs to be slopped for proper water drainage.

    So far, we’ve covered every area but the backsplash. If you’ve selected the other component tiles of your bathroom, you probably have a good idea of colors and stone you want for the backsplash. You could go modern with the newer glass tiles, or keep it uniform with a stone or marble tile. The newer Italian marble subway tile is very popular right now.

    If it isn’t too much of a color overload, the mix mosaic glass and tile are quite alluring. I recommend buying samples of everything and holding them up against each other in the daylight. You might be surprised how much something that looks good in the store doesn’t look good against your other purchases.

    Have you recently remodeled your bathroom? What obstacles did you face while remodeling this small space?

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