Tile is an affordable and somewhat easy way to update your kitchen or bathroom.There are several types of wall tile to choose from. Probably the most common types of wall tile are porcelain and ceramic wall tile. But still other types exist such as marble and glass wall tile.

Even if you narrow your selection down to one specific type of wall tile, there are tons of colors, designs and sizes to choose from. When I was choosing wall tile, I first set a budget and in doing that, I was able to eliminate choices that were out of reach for my budget. But even after I did that, the options of wall tile materials and colors were still plentiful. Here’s a run down on types of wall tile.

Bathroom Wall TileGlazed wall tiles
These come in almost every color and design. Glazed tiles typically are waterproof, making them ideal to use in any place where water might seep in. Glazed wall tiles are usually made from clay. The clay is shaped and the glaze is then applied and baked on. Glazed wall tiles come in the ceramic variety or porcelain.

Ceramic wall tiles
Ceramic has been a go to choice for homeowners for years. The variety is endless- colors, shapes and sizes abound. They are also easy to care for, being dirt and stain resistant. Ceramic wall tiles prevent humidity which in turn stops the growth of germs and mold. Once fired, ceramic tiles become fire and frost resistant. They also won’t fade in sunlight and are scratch resistant.

Porcelain tile
Porcelain is made with less clay than ceramic tile. Porcelain tile is made with a mineral that is very finely ground and fired longer and at higher temperatures than ceramic tile. Because of this, porcelain tiles are much harder and denser than ceramic tiles. The benefit of this process, is that they can be much larger and stronger. The colors of porcelain tile are stunning.

Travertine tile
This is a natural stone. Travertine stone is versatile, and has a rustic appeal. This type of wall tile has minimal maintenance while remaining durable. Since travertine tile is an natural stone, if they are chipped the color will remain the same, unlike a glazed tile. However, it must be sealed after installation or this porous stone could be stained if something is spilled on it.

Mosaic glass tile
For the more trendy wall tile, there’s Mosaic glass tile. Most styles are 1 x 1 inches but come assembled in the square foot size with a mesh backing holding the small tiles together. Prices have come down some since they were first introduced, so it is relatively simple to make your kitchen look just like a decorator magazine. One advantage of these is that since these come in a 12 x 12 size there are less cuts to make than the normal 4 x 4 size of other wall tiles.
I hope this has helped you better understand the choices you have available when choosing wall tile for a kitchen back splash. Not only that, but now you know, just about any wall tile style you can dream up is pretty affordable.
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