Learning how to grout glass tile is not very difficult, and the result can be stunning if you use the right techniques and products. Glass tile can make an elegant and beautiful statement in any home, especially when grouted correctly. It is important to take the same kind of care in choosing the grout as you do in choosing tile, so that the space between your tiles has a look worthy of the tile itself. After a careful tile selection, taking the time to properly grout glass tile is a must.

Different Crystal Glass Grout Installations
Take your time. It is not necessary to race through this job, and rushing can mean you make mistakes or even scratch the tile. Use deliberate motions to evenly distribute grout and give the project a professional look.

Use proper care in your installation. Apply grout by first swiping it across the tiles at a 45° angle, then finishing with a back and forth motion to make sure the grout gets to the right place. Be cautious and wait to use the tile until after it is completely dry, to avoid ruining your project.

Thoroughly wipe the glass tile down. Using a sponge, make sure to wipe off all excess grout and even out the grout in the joints so that your project will have a smooth, polished finish. If the grout starts to dry and looks hazy, get a clean, soft cloth and wipe it down again.

Use the right grout. Follow the tile manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your project will hold up and look the way you want it to look. Here at The Tile Doctor, Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout® is the glass tile grout we recommend everyone use. Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout® reflects and refracts light, creating a chameleon effect in which the grout takes on the hues of the tile, with beautiful aesthetic results.

Colorful Crystal Epoxy Grout
When you’re grouting glass tile, you’ll want to be certain that you don’t take away from the overall impact of the tile through imperfect installation or inferior grout. Whether you are looking for assistance in choosing the right supplies or tips on how to grout glass tile, The Tile Doctor is the leader in the industry, providing innovative solutions for all your tiling needs.

Before grouting glass tile, speak with The Tile Doctor experts at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362) and we can help walk you through your project. Discover more about Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout® tile grout.

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