Just about everybody knows that epoxy grout is a much better choice than cement-based grout and other types of grout. It’s no secret that Litokol’s Starlike grout, distributed exclusively in the U.S. by the Tile Doctor, is a high-quality product respected and preferred by industry professionals throughout the world. All epoxy grout products on the market have varying instructions for how to mix their epoxy grout. Because some epoxy grout products are hard to work with, following those directions is important. We’ll focus here on how to mix Starlike grout, which is one of the easiest epoxy grouts on the market to work with.

Why Starlike Grout is the Best Option on the Market

What makes Starlike epoxy grout so good? Unlike other epoxy grout products, Starlike doesn’t contain any corrosives, pesticides, harmful aggregates, or any of the dangerous fillers that other epoxy grout products contain. This makes it safe for the installer, consumers, and their pets. In fact, Starlike is so safe it can be disposed of without the special considerations of other epoxy grout products because it is eco-friendly and will not cause any harm to the environment.

Non-Corrosive Grout

How to Mix Starlike Epoxy Grout

There are a few things you will need to mix Starlike epoxy grout. Grout should be mixed with an electric mixer. Since Starlike grout buckets are a little smaller than others, the Tile Doctor has a special electric mixer that allows users to mix the grout without splashing it all over the place like it does with traditional mixers. The paddle doesn’t go over the top of the pail, allowing you to mix thoroughly without losing half of your product. We also have a float available, which is thinner than the traditional epoxy float. This is great for smaller areas where you need more control over the grout. In addition, we carry high-quality environmentally friendly scrub pads for the cleaning process. A mixer, float, and scrub pads are essential tools for epoxy grout mixing, installation, and cleanup.

Tools for Mixing Grout
Starlike grout is easy to mix. So easy, in fact, that there is almost zero chance for installer error. Starlike is a simple two-part anti-acid epoxy mortar. Part A consists of an epoxy resin mixture, inert ceramic quartz, and mud additives. Part B consists of a mixture of organic catalysts that has minimal environmental side effects and dramatically lower exposure risks for installers. Here’s how to mix Starlike grout:

1. Open the pail of Starlike grout and you will find two components. You’ll also find instructions in 19 languages. Part B is in a bag, kept on top of part A and kept away from it with a separator. Remove the instructions, Part B, and the separator. Some of the paste (Part A) sticks to the separator, so be sure to scrape that off with a trowel or some other object.

2. Open Part B. You can do this by cutting a corner with scissors or a razor knife. Be sure to wear rubber gloves. This is only an irritant, but it is always better to use protective clothing when working with any product.

3. Squeeze all of part B into Part A (the paste in the bucket). It’s best to start at one corner and simply work everything toward the opening until you have gotten as much of Part B into the mixture as possible. Part B is the catalyst and should never be mixed by hand. Always mix mechanically to ensure even distribution of Part B. Hand mixing could result in some softer areas that won’t set up properly. It’s important to get as much of Part B into Part A as you can. It’s also important to mix at room temperature, between 70 and 85 degrees. The lower end of this spectrum is preferable.

Mixing Epoxy Grout
4. To mix the product, you want to put the bucket firmly between your feet to hold it in place. As mentioned above, use a mechanical mixer. Use a low speed or variable speed mixer so you can control the speed with which you mix. Mixing at a speed that is to high can cause air to come into the mixture and it can heat the mixture up, which results in faster setup time. You’ll know the parts are integrating correctly when you see the mixture start to become smoother. When the two parts are thoroughly mixed, use a margin towel or some other steel trowel and work your way to the bottom of the bucket, ensuring there is no unmixed paste.

5. Now that you have the colored grout mixed (and ready to use in whatever color you’ve chosen), it’s time for an additive. This step is only if you’ve chosen to use an additive to add some variation to the color you are already using. The best way to do this is make a pocket in the grout with your trowel. Open the additive and empty the packet into the pocket you created. This helps keep the additive from being blown around into the air.

Adding Additive to Grout
6. Now it’s time to mix the grout mechanically once again, slowly so you don’t send the additive into the air. Work slowly to ensure the additive is consistently distributed throughout the grout. Use the trowel again to go through the bucket to ensure there are no areas that haven’t integrated properly. The finished product is the color you chose as the base plus the finish additive that gives that base color an entirely different look.

Starlike grout is not only well respected for its durability and versatility, it is a highly aesthetic grout that places an emphasis on artistic expression. Starlike grout comes in over 159 colors and finishes that are capable of producing everything from classic colors to metallic, fashion, and jewel colors. The additives, when used as a third component (as shown above) expand the base colors with appealing finishes for even greater design choices. There’s a Starlike color for every application and plenty of room for designers to come up with their own ideas. When you are looking for the best epoxy grout on the market, Starlike epoxy grout leads the way in safety, durability, ease-of-use, and aesthetic value. To learn more about Starlike grout, call the Tile Doctor at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362). You can also fill out the form here on our website and someone will get in touch with you right away.

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