Before and After of Tile and Grout
When you purchase a new home, you have the benefit of being in control of the tile installed and the grout used in the installation. That isn’t the case when you are buying a home where the tile and grout work is already in place. In cases like this, you have no idea how long the tile and grout have been in the home, what type of grout was used, or what kinds of conditions the grout and tiles have been subjected to. Very often, replacing the tiles in a home require extensive work and can be costly. The good news is, there is an alternative to re-grouting or taking on a whole new tile installation. The Tile Doctor ‘s Express Finish products can help you bring old tiles and floors back to life and give the rooms in your home a new face. Express Finish products are just what the doctor ordered.

Problems with Pre-installed Tile

By pre-installed, we are referring to tile work that is already in a house you purchase. This is tile you didn’t install yourself or have installed professionally. In fact, you know nothing about the tile except that it has been in the house for a very long time. There could be many problems with the tile and grout that you can’t see with the naked eye. In some cases, you might even be able to see some wear, some build-up, or even a degraded appearance. Due to humidity and moisture, there could be traces of black mold lurking within the grout itself, or even under the tiles where you can’t see it. Chances are very good the grout used in the project contains harmful chemical additives that may be present in any accumulated water or light moisture around the tiles. Casual exposure by touching the tiles or grout can make you vulnerable to skin irritation, and if you happen to transfer it to your eyes, it could be even worse.

Old Grout
There are many unforeseen problems with tile work that uses chemically-enhanced grout products. Without knowing who did the work or what type of grout was used, you have no way of knowing what chemicals are present. In most cases, homeowners don’t even think of the dangers that might be present in grout. Something as simple as letting a baby crawl around on the floor where grout has been used could lead to health issues because the contact with the grout is direct skin contact. Babies put their hands in their mouths and touch their eyes, which can compound the risk. This is a scenario many parents wouldn’t even consider because most of us aren’t aware of the dangers present in grout. Whether it’s black mold or the chemicals found in grout products, they do pose a threat to your family.

How to Eliminate the Threat

Unfortunately, if the tiles in your home were installed with inferior grout or grout that includes chemicals and harmful additives, the only way to eliminate that threat is to have the tiles re-done using a superior “green” grout product like The Tile Doctor ‘s Litokol Starlike grout. Our grouts are resistant to stains, cracking, peeling, and can withstand the elements because they are durable enough to last a lifetime. Starlike Grout comes in over 159+ colors and finishes (see Color Chart ), allowing you to match any tile or mosaic project. Since they contain no harsh chemicals, pigments, or additives that are harmful, you can be sure they are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.

Cleaning Coffee Spill from Stain-Resistant Epoxy Grout
If you aren’t ready to take on a huge project, or if you believe your tiles can be saved, The Tile Doctor offers a line of high-quality products that can help clean and protect the tile work already in place. Our Express Finish line of products include a wide variety of sealing, enhancing, and maintenance products that include degreasers and strippers, products for removing grout haze, high-gloss and semi-gloss sealers, and an assortment of sealers that are all natural and water-based, meaning you won’t ever need to worry about leaving harmful traces of chemicals on your floors and walls.

Our Express Finish products have low VOC ratings. VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents released into the air. These solvents are detrimental to the environment. Most cleaning products contain large amounts of these solvents, but The Tile Doctor ‘s Express Finish products are formulated specifically for low VOC levels, meaning they are safer for the environment than similar products. Our Floor and More Green Restore is a heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that can be a pH neutral cleaner used to clean grout, stone, and many other types of surfaces. It contains no toxic chemicals and is 100% safe for the environment.

Express Finish products include Travertine Enhance & Restore, perfect for the specific properties of fine Travertine and limestone tiles. This product is designed for deep penetration and protection against both oil and water-based stains. The Travertine Enhance and Restore product restores, conditions, and smooths Travertine surface and enhances the natural beauty of the stone, leaving behind a low-to-medium sheen finish. With this product, you can make your Travertine and limestone tiles look brand new.

If you’ve moved into a house and the tiles have lost their beauty, Express Finish products are a great way to revive them without having to undertake the expense of re-doing the entire projects. Proper and regular cleaning can also help lessen the potential hazards of black mold that may be present due to inferior grout products. Even if the tiles and grout have started to show wear, Express Finish products can bring them back to life.

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Another option, of course, is to re-do the work entirely. This is the best way to ensure your tile products are completely safe. If you choose to re-do your tile, Litokol Starlike grout products are the absolute best way to go. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive distributor of Starlike Grout products in the U.S. Starlike Grout products are ideal for almost all surfaces and are available in a variety of modern and traditional colors that include metallic, glitter, and classic colors and finishes. Starlike Epoxy Grout products are durable, stain resistant, and not prone to cracking and peeling. When you use Starlike grout for your tile and mosaic projects, you can rest assured your home will look beautiful and your family will be safe from harmful chemicals found in other grouts.

Examples of Starlike Epoxy Grout Installations
Whether you want to restore old tile work or you want a new tile installation, The Tile Doctor ‘s Express Finish products and Starlike Grout products are the best choice for an end result you can be proud of showing off to your friends.

To learn more about our superior tile epoxy grout products, and our line of sealers, cleaners, and maintenance products for your tile installation projects, contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). To find a store near you that sells The Tile Doctor products, then use our Store Finder option on our website.

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