Knowing how to seal grout is important. Grout sealing is how you protect your grout from outside forces and keep it durable. Cement-based grout, in particular, must always be sealed. Cement is a porous material that is prone to absorbing moisture, dirt, grime, and all kinds of bacteria. Unsealed cement grout quickly absorbs all of these elements and begins to deteriorate. Even cement-based grout that has been properly sealed will eventually begin to show wear and tear.

Impregnate the Sealer Evenly Over the Grout Lines

How Often Should You Re-seal Grout?

Cement grout should always be sealed upon installation. It should also be re-sealed on a regular basis. Most recommendations suggest re-sealing grout lines once a year. Depending on where the grout is, it might be necessary to do it more often. Moist areas or areas where the grout lines are subjected to harsh weather conditions might require more frequent maintenance. Grout lines outside, in the shower, or around sinks are likely to suffer more damage from moisture, so more frequent re-sealing is required. If you are ever in doubt about the state of the sealant on your grout, you can test the seal by placing a few drops of water on the grout lines. If the water gets absorbed, the grout lines need to be sealed again.

Typically, epoxy grout doesn’t require sealing. Epoxy grout is far superior to cement-based grout and less prone to the effects of weather, heavy traffic, and other damage from outside sources. That being said, you don’t need to seal epoxy grout. Other types of grout, though, has to be sealed, as a measure of protection and to help enhance the grout by adding a layer of sealer that can extend the time between maintenance sessions.

How to Seal Grout

It’s important to know how to seal grout properly. There’s more to sealing grout lines than simply applying the sealant. Knowing how to seal grout properly will ensure you extend the life of your grout dramatically.

First, ensure you have the right kind of sealant at your disposal. There are sealants specifically for epoxy grout, sealants designed for cement grout, and versatile products that work well for both applications. The important thing is to use a high-quality grout product you can rely on to provide maximum protection.

Our Grout Sealer Is Non-Toxic, UV Resistant and Allows Moisture Transmission
Make sure your tile and grout lines are clean. If not, you will seal the dirt into the grout lines. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt, grime, or excess grout from the tiles. Next, apply the grout sealant. Use small amounts of the sealant at a time. You can apply the grout sealer with a paintbrush, paint pad, paint roller, or clean towel. Evenly distribute the sealant over the grout lines and saturate the surfaces. When you’ve completed the first coat of grout sealer, let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. This allows it to penetrate the grout for maximum protection. Apply a second coat of grout sealer following the same steps. Let the grout sealer cure. In most cases, 2 to 3 hours is sufficient. To ensure the sealant is working, you can test it by applying a few drops of water on the grout line. The water should form a puddle on the grout. If the water is absorbed, you will need to reapply the sealer. It’s a good idea to apply this test at various locations on the grout lines to ensure you’ve applied the grout consistently throughout.

Where to Find the Best Grout Sealer and Epoxy Grout

At the Tile Doctor, we carry the best epoxy grout and grouting products you can find anywhere. We are the exclusive U.S. distributors of Litokol grouting products, including Starlike grout, which comes in an array of colors and textures to ensure you have the largest selection of grout colors anywhere. Starlike designer grout collections give you access to over 159 colors and finishes, including the Starlike Classic Grout Collection, the Starlike Glamour Grout Collection, the Starlike Metallic Grout Collection, and the Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels collection.

While Starlike grout doesn’t require sealing, like any grout, sealing and regular periodic maintenance can help you achieve the best results. That’s why the Tile Doctor also carries grouting products that include the best grout sealer you can find, Natural Protector. Our Advanced Natural Protector is a solvent based, no-sheen impregnating sealer formulated for professional protection of the natural character and appearance of unsealed surfaces and natural stone. The layer of protection forms a vapor permeable barrier that resists water, grease, oil, stains and dirt as well as prevents efflorescence.

Epoxy Grout Is Far Superior in Safety, Resistance, and Durability
This unique formula is non-yellowing and weather and UV resistant. It can also be used as a pre-grout sealer or for sealing grout joints. The Tile Doctor Grout Sealer is another high-quality grout sealer. It is a water-based sealer formulated for professional protection against water, oil and stains in grout joints. The low VOC content meets regulations in all 50 states. The product creates a vapor permeable barrier that allows moisture transmission. The Tile Doctor Grout Sealer will not alter the appearance of your grout in any way.

Starlike grout products are by far the most durable, reliable grout products on the market, respected throughout the industry. They are also the safest grouting products on the market, containing no toxic ingredients whatsoever. Starlike grout is safe for installers, consumers, and pets. Our high-quality epoxy grout is designed to withstand extreme weather, damp conditions, heavy foot traffic, and many other harsh conditions. What this means to you is that your tile installations will retain their integrity for many years after installation.

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