At Tile Doctor, we’re on a mission: to promote contractors, designers, and industry professionals who support our vision of providing innovative solutions and products to homeowners.Tile Doctor interviewee Chris Socci

Today we welcome Atlanta Designer Chris Socci. Let’s welcome Chris as he shares his wisdom about how homeowners can have a great experience with designers and what they need to know about working together:

Tile Doctor: What are some of the popular remodeling/redesigning projects you see homeowners requesting these days?

Chris Socci: Bathroom and Kitchens.

Tile Doctor: What trends are you seeing in bathroom and kitchen remodels and redesigns?

Chris Socci: I see a more sleek and manageable designs being used in today’s remodels.

Tile Doctor: What’s your favorite design trend right now?

Chris Socci: Gray everything!

Tile Doctor: What are some of the mistakes you see homeowners make over and over when going through a project?

Chris Socci: They incorporate way too many design ideas that tends to be overkill.

Tile Doctor: What do homeowners usually blow their budget on?

Chris Socci: Appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Tile Doctor: What tips can you provide to either 1) help them stick to their budget or 2) help them understand when to loosen the purse strings?

Chris Socci: Stick to the budget on trendy items and loosen up on more classic long-term items.

Tile Doctor: What do you love most about what you do?

Chris Socci: Making wonderful interiors and lasting relationships.

Tile Doctor. What are some things you recommend from the start so that the designer/homeowner relationship is as mutually beneficial and positive as possible?

Chris Socci: Clear communication on budget and style from the homeowner and likewise from the designer.

Tile Doctor: Final words of wisdom: what insider information, wisdom or tips can you give to homeowners who want to hire a professional for a design project?

Chris Socci: Interview carefully and make sure you have a “connection” with the designer.

Tile Doctor: Since we are a tile and grout company, and you’ve given us such great insight – can you also tell us a little about your experiences with tile and specifically the grout you’ve worked with? What if there was a new product that didn’t stain, change color, was easy to install, and is aesthetically stunning?

Chris Socci: I would love it!!! Almost every time i spec grout for a job, once installed its not the color I wanted spec’d. They almost always have to go back and acid clean the grout and its such a time waster! Glad you’re thinking ahead…

Learn More About Chris

Chris Socci started his Interior Design company, C.Socci Inc, in 2003 while attending college in Atlanta, Georgia.
Design Services include the following:

    -Interior Design
    -Commercial Design
    -Event Planning
    -Holiday Decor for Home or Office
    -Interior/Exterior Paint Selections
    -Home Staging for selling
    -Updating Upholstery
    -Drapery Designs

Learn more at and reach out to Chris at 404.414.5874 for more information.