At The Tile Doctor, we’re on a mission: to promote partners, contractors, designers, and industry professionals who support our vision of providing innovative solutions and products to homeowners.

Today we’re proud to feature Josh Levinson, President of Artistic Tile. Let’s welcome Josh as he shares his insight, tips and trends.

Tile Doctor (TD): Tell us a bit about who you are and the type of customers you serve?

Josh Levinson (JL): Artistic Tile is a national retailer and distributor of high-end tiles, stones and glass products. Artistic Tile is also a manufacturer of mosaics. We have a vibrant mosaic production business right here in Secaucus, New Jersey. We re-finish stones, we have 4 multi disc saws to produce mosaics, and 3 water jet machines producing beautiful mosaic patterns, all operating 2 full shifts during the week. In addition to 9 of our own corporate showrooms, we serve a national dealer network, the A&D community and developer-direct business. We target an audience of architects, designers, tile contractors, general contractors and end users. Ultimately, whether through our own showrooms or those of our dealers, we serve the high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality markets.

TD: Why do your customers come to you? What do you provide that other companies in your area don’t?

JL: Artistic Tile is the style leader of the tile and stone industry. Under the direction of our founder and CEO, Nancy Epstein, our design department develops unique products across a variety of media.

TD: What is your source for inspiration in the industry?

JL: We find inspiration in many places. Our founder and CEO remains the principal guide of our design department, and is constantly inspired to translate patterns from other media into tile. We reach back to antiquity, which we access through travel and literature, we scour far-flung markets for intricate jewelry, we snap photos of wrought iron fences and intricate architecture and pursue beautiful fabrics, and we translate our passion into innovative tile and stone. With natural stone, our inspiration comes straight from the ground. So many incredible materials come directly to us from nature, and need only a bit of finishing to realize their full beauty.

TD: What are your most popular products and why? What do people get really excited about?

JL: Many of our water jet patterns are among our most popular products. Clients get excited about the ability to customize these items to meet their tastes. Whether they are choosing different stone options, or mixing stone with glass, mother of pearl, or other materials, clients of all types love the opportunity to create something that is unique.

TD: Tell us about some of your green initiatives. What are you most proud of? What are you excited to tell people about?

JL: Our facility in Secaucus, NJ generates 85 percent of its annual power needs via solar energy. We have 1300 solar panels on the roof of our building. Surprisingly, New Jersey is the second leading producer of solar energy in the US. We harvest rainwater for our production facility. We have not purchased domestic water for several years, as we filter our harvested rainwater through a filter press, and return the water to our saws. Our only water loss is due to evaporation. Lastly, we sell products of permanence. The materials we carry set the trend, and live a long life in the homes of our clients.

TD: What style and design trends are you seeing in tile and grout these days?

JL: Water jet mosaics and larger formats in stone and porcelain are hot design trends. Higher performance, stain resistant grouts are a perfect complement to these types of products.

TD: What challenges do you face in providing great products and services to customers?

JL: It is challenging to properly convey to our customers the vast array of choices that they have within our line.

TD: Can you say a few words about our Litokol and Starlike® grouting product?

JL: Litokol grouts offer high performance, with many wonderful colors, all of which are easy to install. We are particularly intrigued by the Crystal Translucent Grout. The chameleon effect of this grout smoothens out glass installations quite nicely. Rather than competing with the glass, the Crystal acts to complement it favorably.

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Artistic Tile leads the industry in tile design and customization. Their wide-ranging, in-house capabilities offer unparalleled creative opportunities and the highest-level of quality and service, with conveniently short lead times and the most carefully curated, quality-controlled products. Check out Artistic Tile website to find the dealer closest to you, or visit one of their nine Artistic Tile showrooms in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas.