Listellos or other highly decorative tiles are installed in the same method as other ceramics or stone. The field or trim tile layout is simply adjusted for the fit of the pieces. The same is true of murals, liners, and patterns.

The only precaution is that if the special tiles are irregular in shape, certain setting methods or preparations need to be followed, Look in “Irregular Stone and Ceramic Tiles” heading that follows in this section.

In the following photos we see Listellos used to accent a beautiful black granite kitchen island countertop. The black granite had been cut and laminated to a backer board support in a two piece arrangement leaving enough room for the placement of the listello insert

The craftsman first filled the channel with rapid-setting/self-leveling cement leaving room for thinset mortar and the listello.

The self-leveler was allowed to cure and the craftsman continued the project by laying out the listello dry making sure all the pieces fit.

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Here is a photo of the tools involved.

Next the Listellos are pulled up in order and thinset mortar is applied to the cured self-leveler. Then the Listellos are placed in the mortar and carefully beaten-in while maintaining alignment.

From this photo we can see good mortar coverage on the listello back. In this case it is 100%.

In this case, the Listellos are a face mounted mosaic utilizing a clear plastic type fascia covering. Water will loosen the covering allowing it to be carefully removed.

Next the Listellos are grouted and allowed to cure per the Manufacturers specifications.

The installation is cured and sealed per the Manufacturers instructions.

Here is a similar example of a backsplash at the same jobsite where a listello was used with other tile above granite tops.

In this case it was necessary to back-butter the listello units with mastic prior to the placement on the wall.

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