Litokol Grout Distributor

Are you looking for a Litokol grout distributor that carries the high-quality, environmentally-safe grout products developed and manufactured by Litokol? Look no further than the Tile Doctor, the exclusive Litokol grout distributor in the U.S. The Tile Doctor recognizes and promotes the high quality standards of Litokol grout products and has been the exclusive Litokol grout distributor in the U.S. for many years, proudly supplying contractors and designers with Litokol’s Starlike grout and other grout products made by Litokol.

Best Litokol Grout Distributor
Litokol has developed and promoted innovative solutions for professionals in the construction industry and the design world since 1968. The company maintains a strong presence throughout Italy and in more than 100 foreign countries., with a presence or manufacturing facilities in 4 countries. Litokol’s range of products stands as a benchmark in many foreign markets for its technical features, appearance, high quality, and its superior reliability. A careful selection of raw materials, meticulous management of the production chain, and an efficient research and development department guarantee consistently high quality products that are in demand worldwide and respected by contracting and design professionals the world over. The Tile Doctor recognizes this quality and is a proud Litokol grout distributor for these reasons.

Litokol Epoxy Grout Distributor Color Options
Litokol’s flagship grout, Starlike, is a high-quality durable epoxy grout that comes in over 159 colors and finishes. It is a safe, non-toxic grout that cause no harm to the environment, installers, or consumers. In fact we are the only ones that offer true high performance epoxy grout that has no negative impact on the installer or the environment. As a Litokol grout distributor, the Tile Doctor carries the full range of Litokol grout and grout products. In fact, the Tile Doctor is the best Litokol grout distributor in the U.S. When you are looking for the best Litokol grout distributor and the best grout products, look no further than the Tile Doctor. We deliver Litokol grout products to contractors and designers in the industry every day.

Litokol Grout Distributor Offers Non-Toxic Grout