Colorful Grout OptionsRecently a customer called who said, “I cannot believe it, I found you too late…..,” so that prompted me to write this post.

They were doing a project at Clemson University and said they couldn’t find the correct Orange Grout, they looked for Colorful Grout in many colors like Red Grout, Green Grout, Blue Grout, Yellow Grout plus Lilac Grout. But most important was the Orange Grout.

They found us too late this time, and said they wished a few weeks earlier they had known about the bright and beautiful colored grouts we have to highlight the artistic work they were doing.

Purple Glitter Lips with Purple Glitter GroutAll that said….. they were happy that the next time they know about us. More about the grout….. Our grout is not Cement Grout and not colored by Pigments, so why is that important? Because cement and pigments fade, they shade, they discolor and usually deliver underwhelming results.

Our grout delivers color that is baked onto the aggregate in a high quality resin. The Grout will not fade, shade or dull over time. We even have the option to blend into the grouts metallic options to further enhance the grouts look.

We’ve been told our grout is like the lipstick and eyeliner of the tile industry, look for yourself we even have a grout that comes close to matching this lipstick treatment, find out for yourself how we make the ordinary extra -ordinary!

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