If you’re redesigning your kitchen, or just want to spruce it up, you may be looking for glass tile backsplash ideas. Glass tile is an excellent option for a backsplash, not only because it is durable, waterproof, and resistant to stains and scratches, but also because the vast array of colors and styles of glass tile available makes creative expression easier. You could go with a simple pattern, but why not consider a mosaic? There are many different glass tile backsplash ideas, and within those ideas, many different ways to create a mosaic.

  • You might choose to use many different shades of the same color tile, all in the same shape; this can be a subtle effect, or a bold one, depending on the colors and shape you choose.
  • Another option is to choose several different colors or patterns of tile, arranging them to suit your decorating style. Some people choose to stay on a very precisely ordered grid. Others make more of a freestyle pattern, without regular intervals or even regular shapes. In fact, some glass tile backsplash ideas are extremely free-form, sometimes breaking the tile into jagged pieces, or even incorporating pieces of different found objects into their tile pattern for bold artistic expression.
  • Some mosaics create an actual picture, with the tiles working together to represent some real or imaginary scene. Pictures in glass tile backsplash ideas vary widely, and can be anything that fits in with your kitchen décor. There are kitchens that feature animals, flowers or floral patterns, pastoral scenes, food items, or even just a flourish of tile that looks like some sort of crest or insignia.
  • Of course, a mosaic doesn’t have to cover the entire wall. Often, a homeowner will choose to accent a wall with a bold strip of mosaic tiles, or perhaps just feature one mosaic image as an accent in a wall of tile. Conversely, sometimes a different type of tile is added to break up a mosaic.
  • The Ideal Backsplash Grout for Mosaics

    No matter what kind of glass tile backsplash ideas you decide to incorporate, you’ll want to choose a backsplash grout that complements your vision.At The Tile Doctor®, we carry Starlike® grouting products from Italian-based company Litokol®. Starlike® Specialty Grout is waterproof and comes 5 collections offering over 100 color choices, making it the obvious choice for mosaic installations: Classic Collection, Glamour Collection, Metallic Collection, Crystal Glass Grout® Collection, and Night Vision Collection. This one-of-a-kind specialty grout is super easy to install, and is one of the most durable grouting products on the market. We partner closely with Sicis Mosaic, a stunning Italian mosaic company, as our custom grout complements their beautiful products perfectly. When you pair our Starlike® Speciality Grout with Sicis® Mosaic Tile, the results are amazing.

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