Non Toxic Grout

Have you been searching for non toxic grout? The Tile Doctor is your source for high-quality non toxic grout in a range of colors to suit any tile project or any creative purpose. Grout should serve its primary function, as filler between tiles and as a protective element, but it can also be a great design element.

Starlike Non Toxic Grouting Products are Environmentally Friendly
The Tile Doctor is the exclusive distributor of Litokol grout products, which fulfills both of those functions while delivering a non toxic grout that is safe as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing. That makes the non toxic grout products from the Tile Doctor the best grout you can get for the job. The importance of safety can’t be overstated. Safe for the installer, safe for your family and pets, and safe for the environment are paramount to the grouting products you’ll find at the Tile Doctor. Our non toxic grout is perfect for any job and safe for everyone involved.

High-Quality Non Toxic Grout

What does non toxic mean when we are talking about grout? It means Litokol epoxy grout products contain no harmful chemicals. There’s nothing in our non toxic grout that will harm the installer, consumers, or the environment.

Starlike Non Toxic Grouting Products are Safe for the Environment, Humans and Pets
Our non toxic grout is not only safe, it is durable and aesthetically pleasing. That makes Starlike products suitable on almost every surface, both indoors and outdoors. Our non toxic grout comes in modern and traditional colors trends. There is also a range of specialty colors, including metallic and classic colors, fashion and glamour colors, and sparkling jewel and glass designs. All of these non toxic grout products give you the widest range of safe design options possible. When you’re looking for long-lasting non toxic grout that will protect and enhance your tile and mosaic designs, you can trust the Tile Doctor to provide you with the best epoxy grout products you’ll find anywhere.

To learn more about our high-quality non toxic grout, and other innovative, safe for the environment grouting products contact us at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362).