6 Grouting Tips Guaranteed to Simplify Your Project

If you’re planning a tile project, you may be in need of some good grouting tips. Tile is the fun part: choosing colors, patterns, and textures that fit your sense of style and enhance your décor. Grouting, while necessary to hold your tile in place, was previously not as much fun! With today’s fashion-focused grout, the excitement in grouting is an added bonus. Follow a few simple grouting tips, though, and you’ll find that this part of the process will go smoothly, and even enhance the look of your tile.

    1. First, get everything clean.As with most projects, grouting requires that you start with a clean surface. In addition to making sure you’ve removed all thin-set and dirt from your tile installation, you’ll also need to remove any tile spacers. Grouting over tile spacers can create weak spots that will later break, crack, and ruin the look of your tile.

    2. Choose the right grout for your particular project. For joints that are 1/8th inch or larger, use sanded grout. Unsanded grout should only be used for small joints, less than 1/8th inch. The color and look of your grout matters too; choose a color that will complement your tile, rather than standing out and detracting from the overall look. Today, there are plenty of grout colors and styles available to make your installation really shine; some types of grout even have light reflecting materials to create a sparkling effect. You spend time choosing the perfect tile, so make sure you also give some thought to your grout.

    3. Allow your grout to rest. While it may not seem like a necessary part of the project, slaking the grout is one of the more important grouting tips. To do this, simply let the grout rest for 10 minutes after mixing, then mix it again.* This ensures that the grout is thoroughly moistened.

    4. Go easy on the application. Don’t apply too much grout, and don’t try to tackle too large an area at one time. Instead, work on one 3 foot by 3 foot section at a time, applying the grout, shaping the joints, and cleaning the section before moving on to the next area.*

    5. Mind the joints. To ensure you’ve thoroughly filled the joints, approach each one from several different angles. Once you’ve forced grout deep into the joint, use the corner of your float to shape the joints and provide a uniform look.

    6. Clean up quickly and carefully. Be sure to clean the haze from your tiles within a couple of hours of application, to avoid a difficult job later. When you’re cleaning your tile of haze and excess, however, watch how much water you use unless you are using Starlike® grout. Too much water can lead to the breakdown of the fresh grout, which can ruin your work.*

Our 6 Grouting Tips + Our Superior Grout = Your Flawless Finish

Grout should not be the boring part of your tiling project; choose a color and style that really enhances the look of your tile! At The Tile Doctor, we carry Starlike® grouting products from Litokol®, a company based in Rubiera, Italy. Starlike® is a super easy to use two part epoxy grout, and is unlike anything else on the market. It is waterproof and chemical resistant, and comes in Classic and Glamour colors, Metallic and Sparkle effects, plus a Crystal Glass Grout®, allowing the widest choice of options of any grouting product available. There are over 100 color options, making it the perfect choice for artistic installations.

The Tile Doctor® also offers a variety of care and use chemicals, cement grout additives, and high-quality, groundbreaking products. To see all the Starlike® line has to offer, view our grout Collections. For helpful articles, tips and resources about grouting products, call us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362)

*Disclaimer: The instructions provided in this article are general in nature. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions for specifics to the particular product requirements.

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