Grout Admix

Tile Doctor® Grout Admix provides one easy step to super charge your cement grout. Seal, protect and strengthen grout by replacing water with Tile Doctor® Grout admix. No need to seal after curing, Tile Doctor® Grout Admix gives you the same stain inhibitors as most grout sealers – get it all done the first time. This low VOC formula Contains the Tile Doctor Shield® Antimicrobial Technology that protects the Grout Admix from Mold, Mildew, Algae and Odor Causing Bacteria.

  • 70 Ounce Sanded Grout Admix = Use 70 ounces of TILE DOCTOR Grout Admix to 25 pounds of sanded grout
  • 44 Ounce Un-Sanded Grout Admix = Use 44 ounces of TILE DOCTOR Grout Admix to 10 pounds of un-sanded grout