Travertine Enhance & Restore

Description: Designed for Travertine and limestone with honed, tumbled and polished finishes.


  • Low VOC formula: Specifically formulated for enhancing, conditioning, sealing and restoring new or old, worn travertine floor tiles. Designed for deep penetration and protection against both oil and water based stains. It will restore, condition and smooth the travertines surface to bring out the natural beauty of the stone while leaving a low-to-medium sheen finish. Make old worn travertine look better than new. Low odor and Non-flammable – 100% Breathable Finish – Interior Use Only.
  • Available in ready to use 24 oz. trigger spray


  • Apply in in light coats in small workable areas and buff into travertine immediately. Continue this process for entire floor, dry buff/wipe entire floor when finished.