Litokol Starlike Decor

Litokol Starlike Decor

Epoxy decorative finish to be mixed to Starlike®. The additive Decor, when added to the Starlike® grout, creates a mortar that is easily applied as a wall finish for creating low-thickness decorative finishes on interior walls. It allows to cover the walls with the same material and the same color of the grout; it is therefore combinations between the coverings where Starlike® has been applied and the surrounding walls.


Starlike® Decor is an innovative system for creating low-thickness decorative finishes on interior walls based on Starlike® epoxymortar technology.

The main advantages that Starlike® Decor provides are:

  • Surface colour effect similar to grouts performed using Starlike® epoxy mortar. This allows for color combination between ceramic tile or vitreous mosaic surfaces grouted with Starlike® and the surrounding wall finish created using Starlike ® Decor.
  • By using different methods of application with Starlike® Decor, unique color and decoration effects can be created on the surfaces.
  • Unlimited color combinations can be achieved by overlaying different color tones in subsequent applications. Starlike® Decor is quick and easy to apply. Finishes of high aesthetic quality can be carried out shortly, using appropriate equipment.
  • Consumption is reduced due to its low thickness and so intervention costs are limited.
  • Starlike® Decor allows decorating vertical surfaces, such as raw concrete plasters, plasterboards, lightweight panelling, wood panelling, existing ceramic tiles or mosaics.
Fields of Application

Starlike® Decor is highly versatile and can be used for finishing interior walls in a wide range of private and public environments such as:

  • Bathrooms and shower enclosures
  • Kitchens
  • Saunas
  • Hotel foyers
  • Walls in bars, restaurants and nightclubs
  • Meeting rooms

It can also be used to decorate bar counters, doors, columns, etc.

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