Starlike Outdoor Grout


Starlike Outdoor Grout

There are many applications for exterior tile, and if you’re installing tile outside of your home, you’ll need sturdy outdoor grout. In addition to being waterproof, the grout around outdoor tile needs to be strong enough to stand up to grout cleaning products and the elements. If your outside tile projects are aesthetically creative and attractive, you’ll also want to choose an outdoor grout that will complement them, adding to the overall appeal.

Epoxy grout is a good choice as an outdoor grout product. That’s because epoxy grout is sturdy and durable, and epoxy grout colors are varied, giving you a wide range of options. Whether you’re putting down outdoor floor tile, creating a mosaic of outdoor ceramic tile or glass tile, or tiling the surfaces of your outdoor living spaces, epoxy grout give you the freedom and flexibility to create a project that fits your sense of style.

At The Tile Doctor®, we recommend Starlike® grout products for both indoor and outdoor tile projects. A two part UV rated epoxy mortar which provides a strong fade resistant product, Starlike® grout products is an excellent choice for most grout applications. Its anti-acid, waterproof qualities, and high mechanical strength are excellent qualities for a product exposed to weather elements. It can be used for grout, and wall finish, and its extreme durability makes it a logical component when finishing your outdoor tile projects.


The durability of our outdoor grout is matched only by its aesthetic versatility, and Starlike® grout products is available in several different collections: ClassicShimmerMetallicCrystal Glass Grout®. The various 120 finishes allow you to express yourself artistically, while installing high functioning tile. Starlike® grout products are ideal for use with all kinds of tile projects, including those that incorporate glass tile, because some Starlike® grout products shades have unique light reflecting and refracting properties.

In addition to Starlike® grout products, The Tile Doctor® carries tile care and use chemicals, cement grout additives, as part of a commitment to finding innovative solutions for all your tile and grout needs.

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