Tile and stone, when installed properly, is rarely ever changed due to failure of performance or because the tile or stones surface is wearing-out. On average, a tile installation remains in place about 17 years before it is replaced and even after the 17 years, replacement generally is for a fashion update. There are some tile looks that are timeless and some much more specific to trends of the time that require full replacement as design trends change. One timeless look is Subway tiles, the name comes from the many subway tunnels that used the rectangular format. With new grouting options available, you can take the standard plain white Subway tile and in a few short hours turn it into a current fashion statement. The ability to take a plain white tile and add a new grout color to achieve a new and more current look is a real option with today’s high fashion grouting options.

Subway Tiles With Different Grout Color Options

We can probably agree that even if the tile isn’t failing or out of fashion, the grout certainly fails way before the tiles do. With today’s fashion and high-performance grouts, it’s possible to do an upgrade to a tile design with minimal effort and expense.

The old grouting options were run of the mill cement based grout. Cement is rigid, absorptive, prone to mold and mildew, cracking and flaking out. Cement grout also turns ugly after only few years of service. It’s important to understand why. Cement-based grout is such a poor, ineffective choice for tile projects. Because it is porous, it is prone to stains and water damage, which causes its deterioration. Also, many cement-based grouts include pigments that break down and have a negative effect on the color consistency of the product. Cement-based grouts are harder to work with, harder to clean, and leave more room for operator error.

Epoxy Grout Color Options

So let’s talk about current options. The best grout for overall performance is always an epoxy grout. We say never settle for anything less than the best in grout. Epoxies are the most robust grout in performance against staining, chemicals, wear and tear and overall well known for their durability. Today there are many innovations in epoxy technology that are worth talking about. While traditional epoxies have always been robust in service, they were never design oriented nor installer friendly. These epoxies were not only difficult for the installer to apply, but they also posed general toxicity concerns during its application and disposal as well as how toxic they were to the environment both short and long term if mishandled. Due to this toxicity, many installers can experience severe skin rashes when coming into contact with epoxy chemistry. Nowadays there are safer options with recent advancements in chemistry for epoxy.

Toxic-Free Epoxy Grout from Litokol

Most epoxies in the market still have today decades old chemistry and are classified as Corrosives and are not something to mess with unless you know what you are doing. Until now, the latest innovation in the grouting industry is led by the world leader in epoxy chemistry, a company out of Rubiera Italy named Litokol. The Greek word Lithos is for stone and Kol means mortar in the EU therefore “Litokol” loosly means stone mortar. They have been innovating since 1968. The US leader in grout innovation, The Tile Doctor, has partnered with Litokol to bring this game changer to the US market. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive US distributor for this exceptional quality product. Litokol has invented an epoxy grout that has the lowest toxicity classification of virtually any grout in the world, even lower than cement grout. And, it’s so simple to use, this product called Starlike is truly a game changer.

Because it’s a super strong epoxy, you can strike-out your cement grout with a grout removal tool to the slight depth of 2MM (two stacked dimes deep) and grout right over the top. With relative ease you then have a renewed grout joint with lasting durability and a new color that will look great and last. The Starlike Grout has no pigment to fade or shade, each grain of quartz aggregate has been colored to give you a long lasting non-fading color and Starlike is available in the widest selection of colors and options you can ever think of. In fact, there are four distinct collections that feature 159 colors and finishes, bringing you the widest selection of design options. Classic colors, highly chromatic and pastel glamour colors, metallic finishes, glitter additives, glass grout, colored glass grout and now a choice in grout that literally looks like Jewelry … WOW!

Regrouting with White and Blue Grout

Now regrouting tile instead of re-tiling is an option for updating your tile in your bathroom, shower, floor or kitchen backsplash … anywhere you have tile. And it all can be done with minimal effort and cost simply by replacing your bland, dirty and worn out cement grout. It’s easier than ever before and Starlike Grout provided by The Tile Doctor can provide new levels of design and performance. A great weekend project you’ll be proud about.

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