Danilo Bonazza


Born in Ravenna, Italy, in 1974, Danilo Bonazza was immediately drawn to and inspired by the art and mosaics for which his city is famous. At a young age, he attended various art classes where he began to combine his love of drawing with the art of tiling and mosaics. His passion for creating these works eventually led to his participation in an adult drawing competition, and at twelve, he began to make a reputation in his home town, Marina di Ravenna.

Upon graduation, Danilo pursued various career paths, quickly realizing that creating something with his hands was not only a desire, but a necessity. He began working in construction and tile installation as a means of monetary support, while pursuing his art and his goal of creating his own business as a mosaic artist.

My Experience with Tile Doctor Products

I use The Tile Doctor’s products because they choose the best products on the market, offering high quality and reliability for grouting. Their products are easy to use and environmentally friendly as they have very low toxicity. I also like working with the Tile Doctor as they are a great company with reliable people who give top notch service which is very important to me and the world class projects I work on. I know that working with the Tile Doctor is like having a great partner that helps me keep the high quality I need to become one of the best in the industry.

Services Provided

Installation of Mosaics in both residential and commercial spaces. Besides the installation itself, there are numerous factors involved that must be considered in order to achieve a good and lasting result:

  • A complete knowledge of all working procedures and surfaces on which the mosaics will be laid is essential.
  • Knowing the result that is sought, and having a clear plan to obtain it.
  • Using the correct techniques after dealing with the initial drawings and sketches.
  • Respecting the materials with which we are working.

General Information


  • The New Young Artist of 1996, with the painting “La pineta di Marina” (Marina’ s pinewood).
  • Bologna prize for Art in 1998, with “Cielo e vertigine” (Sky and vertigoes) a mix of painting and mosaic in 3D.
  • 1st place in The World Tile Installation Competition in 2001 in quality and innovation, hand-crafting insertions of different stones in tiles and installing them in walls and floors. He also won the same competition in 2002.

Contact Information

(347) 429-0244


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