Suitcases Decorated WallLove to travel? Why let luggage be something you only use when you travel. Leave your bags on the wall. A collection of old suitcases cut in half, and secured to your wall is a terrific reminder of all the places you’ve visited and all the fun destinations to visit.

Built-ins A built-in is fantastic by itself. But add your own style to it by dividing the squares vertically and horizontally. It is exceptionally interesting from a visual perspective, not to mention the space it creates.

Stair Shelves Stairs are such Use shelves to extend your steps beyond the staircase and create beautiful through-lines from one floor to the next. Heading up to bed? Why not pick up that book on the way? Or maybe you don’t feel like making the trek upstairs right now – organize things on your stair shelf and bring them all up later.

Drawer Handle Shelves Are you a minimalist? Show off your favorite magazines with wooden drawer handles. They are super easy to install, making your favorite book only just an arm’s reach away.

Repurposed Drawer Shelves Getting rid of an old dresser. Save your old drawers. Pretty them up by lining the inside of the drawers. Affix them to the wall in the vertical position to use them as shelving.
(Photo: Shades of Grey)

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