A well-done mosaic is a thing of beauty, making the most of an art form that dates back more than 4000 years. For almost as long as mosaics have been around, people have been trying to figure out ways to make them better, from the development of tesserae back in 200 BC, to the rise of the artistic mosaic during the Byzantine era, to today’s functional and beautiful tile mosaic work, seen in everything from backsplashes to flooring. No matter how artistic the design, however, it’s finding the best grout for mosaics that really puts the finishing touch on the work.

Artistic Mosaics

Choosing the best grout for mosaics you’re creating is somewhat subjective. Some people prefer the ease of pre-mixed grout, while others caution that pre-mixed grout is typically unsanded, and can crack, sink or be difficult to spread. There are numerous color options for grout, but some in the industry would say that colored grout should be used sparingly and that gray grout is more subtle, allowing the aesthetics of the tile work to really shine through. Ultimately, it is important to use a grout that directs the eye to the mosaic, drawing emphasis to the beauty of the art.

What is the best grout for mosaics? At The Tile Doctor, we’re partial to Starlike® Speciality Grout, a boutique grouting product made by Litokol, a company based in Rubiera, Italy. Versatile as well as attractive, it can be used as adhesive, grout and wall finish. Not only that, but using Starlike® grout gives you plenty of creative options, with three collections that include a total of 94 finishes. You can choose from metallic or uniform colors, shades that have light effects or glittering effects—the possibilities are almost endless. Starlike® Grout is also versatile, sturdy enough to stand up to the chemicals it might encounter when used in bathrooms, kitchens and even swimming pools. Our product is highly resistant to mold and mildew, and is stain proof against even the toughest spills. For pure artistry, we also prefer Crystal Glass Grout for its light refraction qualities, which make it a perfect choice to enhance the beauty of glass tile mosaics. When Starlike® Speciality Grout is paired with Sicis® Mosaic, the results are amazing.

Whether you’re looking for the best grout for mosaics, you need a source for tile and stone installation, or you’re just looking for good how-to articles and information about tile, The Tile Doctor can help. In keeping pace with the fast-growing tile industry, The Tile Doctor offers groundbreaking products and innovative solutions for all your tiling needs.

Bathroom and Kitchen Mosaics
Whatever your mosaic tile needs, it’s important you choose a grout that will complement—not take away from—its inherent beauty.

For more information on grouting your mosaic tiles, follow this link to visit our Starlike® grout page.

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