Summer is a beautiful time of year. The sun is out, there’s always a warm breeze in the air, and everything is alive and full of color. How nice would it be to keep that feeling all year round? If you’ve got an outdoor tile project lined up, or even an indoor tile installation, why not consider summer colors to remind you all year round how wonderful summer is. Here are some summer grout color ideas to keep you warm all year.

Starlike Grout Colors

Choose the Best Colored Epoxy Grout Available

Before you get started with your summer-themed tile project, you’ll want the widest choice of grout colors available. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol’s Starlike epoxy grout, the absolute best colored epoxy grout on the market. Starlike epoxy grout comes in over 159 great colors and finishes, giving you the widest possible selection of aesthetic value. Starlike grout is also non-toxic and completely safe for consumers, installers, and the environment, adding even more value. That’s why Starlike epoxy grout is the choice of professionals worldwide. It’s also why Starlike is the epoxy grout to turn to when you want to create a great summer-themed tile project.

Summer Grout Color Ideas

Colored grout is a great way to elevate any tile installation. For summer, there are many awesome themes and colors that will work. Here are some ideas where you can use summer grout colors to take your tile and mosaic installations to the next level:

Aztec Art Themes

The Aztecs were an ancient people living in Mexico during the 14th to 16th centuries. Aztecs were thought to be a highly evolved civilization. In fact, they had their own numerical system, calendar, and social structure. A great deal of their art is still around and greatly appreciated for its symbolism and storytelling. Examples of Aztec art can be found in their pottery, drawings, and sculptures. Aztec pieces are brightly colored and often incorporate crushed minerals, stone, vegetables, insects, and shells. These elements can easily be transferred to a modern tile or mosaic application.

Aztec Colors
In Aztec art, red, yellow, and turquoise are prominent colors. Tiles featuring some of the Aztec elements such as various crushed materials could be used with red, yellow, or turquois grout to really highlight the appeal of the tiles themselves. Dark red tiles (brick colored) with a warm yellow accent are iconic of this summer color scheme. Starlike Glamour Grout Colors includes many yellow and gold combinations that might work well in Aztec art. You could even use Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels to bring in some of the brilliance of fine jewelry, which would complement the components of Aztec art. This is a fantastic summer design.

Desert Themes

There’s nothing hotter than summer in the desert. If you’re looking for a tile design where you can work with subtle tan and darker brown colors, a desert theme is a great summer grout color idea. The Starlike Classic Grout Collection has some classic colors that will fit right into a desert theme. Picture dark, sandy colors with a lighter shade of grout to really frame the overall look of the tiles and bring out the desert feel. Patterned tiles or textured tiles can easily be highlighted with several of the grout colors from the classic collection.

Desert Colors

Peruvian Tile Designs

Peruvian tile designs are tile designs based around the Republic of Peru and its South American culture. These tiles are often characterized by intricate patterns and designs. Tiles can be wood or stone. Peruvian colors are bright and bold, so hot summer colors will really work here. Dark tiles (browns and reds) with bright colored grout can really highlight the South American tradition and bring a summer look to your home. For a breathtaking addition to the Peruvian theme, you could try adding some reflective qualities with Starlike Metallic Grout Collection. The reflective nature of this grout is a great way to take a tile installation to the next level, especially in an outdoor setting where the sun will have a chance to work its magic on the grout.

Peruvian Colors
Other Summer Grout Colors to Consider

There are many ways to use Starlike colored epoxy grout to promote the summer image. The colors of nature are ideal for creating summer-themed tile installations. You can also try going in the opposite direction with cooler grout colors. Combining lighter brown colors with pale blue or turquois grout can bring in the look and feel of the ocean. You can’t get more summer than that. In the end, it’s your imagination. Let it run wild. Just remember that whatever your imagination conjures up, Starlike epoxy grout is the right choice for your summer-themed tile installation. With over 159 colors and finishes, Starlike epoxy grout can help you keep summer alive all year round.

If you are looking for great summer grout colors, call the Tile Doctor at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We will be happy to discuss summer grout color ideas and help you find the perfect color for your summer-themed tile projects.

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