Luxury Pools and Decks Deserve Top of the Line Grout

When you’re looking for grout for your pool or deck, waterproof grout is an obvious choice. But what other qualifications does a grout need to have to make it the best for your pool or deck? It’s important to find something durable that will stand up to chemicals and the elements. A UV rated grout is also important so that your grout color does not fade over time. In addition, the grout you choose should be aesthetically pleasing, harmoniously blending with your chosen tile. How do you find grout that has all of these qualities?

Outdoor Pool With Flower Mosaic Design
1. Look for waterproof epoxy grout. Made from two resins and a filler, this type of grout is a very sturdy waterproof tile grout.
2. Select a grout with a high bond strength and excellent chemical resistance.
3. Choose an epoxy grout that is stain resistant, but doesn’t contain sand so that it won’t scratch your tile.
A high-quality, waterproof grout can be more expensive than traditional grout, but if you’re looking for a versatile product, it’s worth the extra money.
At The Tile Doctor®, we carry Starlike® Specialty Grout by Litokol®, and it’s an excellent option for a pool or deck. A two part UV rated epoxy mortar, Starlike® can be used as grout, adhesive and wall finish, and is durable enough to be used on decks and in swimming pools.

Waterproof Grout Makes Sense: Beauty is an Added Bonus

Pools and decks should be attractive as well as functional, and many homeowners choose to tile their outdoor spaces creatively, using colorful tiles or even creating mosaics. At The Tile Doctor®, we provide a tile grout color chart, highlighting the versatility of our grout collection. This simplifies choosing grout colors, and ensures that you see all the options available as you make your selection. No matter what style you choose for your pool or deck, there’s a Starlike® grout to meet your expectations.

Available in several collections ( Classic, Glamour, Metallic, Crystal Glass, Night Vision ), Starlike® comes in a total of ninety-four finishes, some with reflective and refractive properties.

Starlike® Grout is a product of Litokol®, an Italian company based in Rubiera. A market leader since it was founded in 1968, Litokol® has now expanded beyond Europe, and into 90 countries around the world. The company gives careful attention to quality control, and uses only the best raw materials, ensuring the consistent excellence of its products.

Pools with Different Color Combinations
The Tile Doctor® is pleased to be the North American distributor for Starlike® Specialty Grout, the leading grouting product in the world. In addition to Litokol® products, The Tile Doctor® also carries tile care and use chemicals, cement grout additives, and more.

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