New Line of non-corrosive, non-toxic tile installation products is set to revolutionize the tile industry

Marietta, GA (6/28/2019) – The Tile Doctor, a leading supplier of innovative, eco-friendly products and solutions for the tile industry, will introduce in mid-July ZHERORisk products, a new line of tile installation products that is safer for installers, consumers and the environment.

ZHERORisk Product Line
The ZHERORisk technology was developed by Litokol, a major international provider of epoxy-based products based in Rubiera, Italy, with the goal of bringing to the tile industry a line of high-performance products with lower environmental and health impacts. The project began in 2016, when the European Union (EU) set out to reduce the corrosive nature of installation products for tile and stone through a project called ZERO (Zero Environmental Risks in Our buildings).

“The ZHERORisk products will substantially reduce the risk of health issues related to tile installation for consumers and installers while also significantly reducing the impact on the environment,” said Curt Rapp, CEO of the Tile Doctor. “These products represent the biggest innovation I’ve seen in the industry, certainly in my lifetime.”

Litokol Litoelastic Adhesive, EpoxyÉlite EVO, and Litokol Aquamaster Waterproofing are the first ZHERORisk products the Tile Doctor plans to introduce. Aquamaster Waterproofing, Litoelastic EVO, and Epoxy Elite EVO are very low in emissions and are VOC-free, meeting the strictest tolerances and standards for indoor air quality. Additionally, the products have been awarded EC1+ certification by Gev-Emicode®. Both Litoelastic EVO and Epoxy Elite EVO are also available in flame-resistant versions that are International Maritime Organization-certified.

The Tile Doctor has always placed emphasis on consumer safety and protection of the environment. With the addition of ZHERORisk to the company’s lineup of other eco-friendly products, the Tile Doctor continues to promote safer and healthier living.

For more information on ZHERORisk, call the Tile Doctor at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the right products for your project.