The Tile Doctor, a provider of innovative, eco-conscious products and solutions for the tile industry, has debuted ZHERORisk® products, a new line of non-toxic, non-corrosive and sustainable products for tile applications. ZHERORisk technology was developed by Litokol, a major international provider of epoxy-based products based in Rubiera, Italy, with the goal of offering the tile industry high performance products that have lower environmental and health impacts. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Litokol’s extensive offering of eco-friendly products, including Starlike® Grout. With the introduction of ZHERORisk products, The Tile Doctor is continuing to bring industry professionals tile installation products that are safer for consumers, installers and the environment.

Advantages of ZHERORisk Products
So, what is ZHERORisk? In 2016, the European Union (EU) government set out to reduce the corrosive nature of installation products for tile and stone through a project called ZERO (Zero Environmental Risks in Our building). The EU enlisted major universities in the tile-producing region of Italy to conduct research along with manufacturers, who were invited to submit for inclusion based upon their capabilities. Litokol scored 100% with its submission and was awarded inclusion by the EU to develop its product formulations and bring them to market. ZHERORisk products were born out of this effort and have been finely tuned over the past two-and-a-half years to provide a replacement for existing tile installation products, the majority of which pose health and safety concerns for installers and have serious short- and long-term environmental impacts.

The initial launch of ZHERORisk products includes Litokol® Aquamaster Waterproofing, a solvent-free, ready-to-use liquid membrane for waterproofing moist environments in both interior and exterior settings; Litokol® Litoelastic EVO, a two-part adhesive for ceramic tiles, glass tiles and natural stone; and Litokol® Epoxy Elite EVO, an acid-resistant epoxy mortar/setting product for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles.

ZHERORisk Product Line
Aquamaster Waterproofing, Litoelastic EVO, and Epoxy Elite EVO are extremely low in emissions and are EVO are ultra-low in VOC emissions, meeting the strictest tolerances and standards for indoor air quality. They have also been awarded EC1+ certification by Gev-Emicode®. Both Litoelastic EVO and Epoxy Elite EVO are also available in flame-resistant versions that are International Maritime Organization-certified.

The Tile Doctor is proud to be a distributor of ZHERORisk products. “ZHEROrisk products have been developed with the aim of delivering the highest performance possible while significantly lowering environmental and health impacts,” says Curt V. Rapp, founder and CEO of The Tile Doctor. “The use of sustainable, environmentally sound materials offers healthier alternatives for installers, consumers and the planet while also contributing to improved indoor air quality and building wellness. This next generation of tile installation products is poised to change the way the industry approaches tile and stone installation.” This is a goal The Tile Doctor believes in and stands behind.

In addition to Litokol ZHERORisk products, The Tile Doctor offers Tile Doctor Scrub Pads, a line of biodegradable scrub pads made in the USA from 100 recycled PET and plastic bottles. Tile Doctor Scrub Pads contain no phenol-formaldehyde resins, and are the only scrub pads currently available on the market with the proven ability to break down after less than one year in a landfill. They are available in four styles, from non-scratch pads to heavy-duty, maximally abrasive versions.

More Quality Litokol Products Available from The Tile Doctor

In addition to Litokol’s ZHERORisk products, The Tile Doctor also carries the Litokol line of Starlike® epoxy grouts – a high-performance, non-toxic, eco-friendly grout product used for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Starlike Non-Toxic Grouting Products are Environmentally Friendly
The majority of grouts available in the U.S., including cement grout and all other epoxy grouts, are labeled as hazardous and include warnings to avoid skin and eye contact, respiratory requirements, along with instructions for specialized disposal methods. In addition, because cement grout is porous, an anti-microbial is usually added to the mixture to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. In the case of both cement and epoxy grouts, waste disposal recommendations are often not followed. Many applicators choose to dump waste from their job sites to the nearest drain or place in regular garbage, which can result in contamination of our water supply.

With cement grout and some epoxies, tile installers are exposed to silica dust, which is a leading cause of respiratory disease that threatens an estimated two million U.S. workers annually. Long-term exposure to silica can result in silicosis, a chronic medical condition in which the lungs become scarred, making it difficult to breathe.

The Tile Doctor CEO, Curt Rapp, states “Starlike Grout doesn’t contain airborne silica, antimicrobial products, or the harmful chemicals found in cement and all other epoxy grouts, eliminating the need for special disposal methods and minimizing environmental impact. Whereas comparable grouts available today are corrosive, Starlike is classified only as an irritant, making it a much friendlier option not only for residential and commercial design-build professionals, but also for homeowners seeking a product that is safe for their families and pets.”

Starlike Grout Is Safe for Applicators and Consumers
To learn more about ZHERORisk products, Starlike epoxy grout, or any of the other high-quality grout products we carry, give us a call at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We are your total tile resource and are standing by to help you plan your next tile project with the highest performing, safest and most effective tile products available.

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