It’s important to understand that –Not All Grouts Are Created Equal!

When buying grout, one typically thinks in terms of performance, color consistency, crack, stain and chemical resistance. But have you ever considered the potential health and environmental risks of the grout for during and after the installation? Before you buy your grout you might want to look at the possible health and environmental hazards it has. The Tile Doctor carries the best high-performance, health and environment-safe epoxy grout available within the United States.

Toxic-Free Epoxy Grout
Safe Grout for the Installer

Safest and Most Environment Friendly Grout

The Tile Doctor is a Marietta, GA., USA based company who prides itself in bringing the finest products to the US market. Under the company’s statement of Wellness, Solutions and Remedies, The Tile Doctor makes sure that the products they sell meet strict standards. Some of these product criteria are: products must solve a problem, be game-changers in some regard, have the highest performance and/or have the potential to be a fashion leading improvement. All of the above should be met without having any possibility of a negative environmental impact.

Considering the standards mentioned above, The Tile Doctor offers Litokol Starlike Products from Italy, a brand that we chose for its performance, ease of use and non-corrosiveness. The Tile Doctor is the exclusive distributor of Litokol Starlike Grout in the United States. Litokol is a world leader in tile and stone installation products, and Starlike is the only product in the world that has the ability to provide three functions: act as a setting material, used as grout, and applied as a decorative wall finish. Moreover, this high-performance and high-fashion product is easy to use and has a lower environmental impact than any other epoxy grout product on the US market.

Corrosive Epoxy Grouts vs Litokol Grout
The Starlike product’s impact upon the environment and installers who use it is a serious advancement for anyone to consider when choosing a grouting product. If you’re a professional who wants easier and safer to use products, or a specifier looking for safer environments both during and after construction, or you’re a homeowner looking for the best all-around product for yourself, kids and pets, Litokol Starlike Grout is the right product for you.

Be Careful of the Other Potentially Dangerous Epoxy Grout Products

Other epoxy grout companies offer products that they label as corrosive, hazardous to the environment and that can irritate your skin when you come into direct contact with them. As proof, look at the warning icons associated with the USA’s leading epoxy grouting product in the market to be aware of the possible dangers you are exposing to installers and the environment.

Epoxy Grout Comparison of Composition and Labeling
These warning icons can be found on the products Safety Data Sheet (SDS) uploaded on the product website of these other epoxy grouts. These specify how toxic the product is and how careful you must be when applying and disposing of the product. While all grouts would state “not to dispose of” into the water supply, these other potentially dangerous epoxy grouts require you take it to special containers used by toxic waste facilities after use as they can cause serious impact to the aquatic life such as fish and plants. So one should ask, “Do you really think many installers have been doing this?”

Grout Disposal Considerations

You can also find on the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of these other potentially dangerous epoxy grouts different health risks associated with their use. If you look at the warnings below, you can see that the leading epoxy grout company in the USA has health risk levels of 2, which can compromise organs such as your kidney. Even more, studies have shown that 1-7 people in the US have had or will have a severe allergic reaction to this corrosive chemistry if it comes into contact with human skin.

Grout Hazard Identification
Ecological Information

As shown above, both health and long-term environmental hazards can exist with the use of of these epoxy grouts. People don’t know or think about this during the installation and disposal process as their main focus remains on the lasting benefits that high-performance epoxy grout has.

Dangers of Cement-Based Grout vs Litokol Starlike Epoxy-Based Grout

So, let’s go one step further and talk about regular old cement grouts that are the standard in today’s tile and stone installations. Did you know just how toxic these products are?

In the image below you can see the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of an industry leading brand product where you’ll see the signal word, “Danger” and its corrosive Cat 2. It also shows this product is carcinogen and that it has reproductive toxicity that can be dangerous to an unborn child.

Cement Grout Hazard Information

So with that being said, let’s discuss why The Tile Doctor offers exclusively Litokol Starlike grout. Starlike grout shows in its Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Signal word “Warning” which is classified as an irritant but without the same level of toxicity as corrosives have. Moreover, Starlike grout is not a hazardous waste with environmental warnings or caustic towards the installer or unborn child.

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Furthermore, most people do not love their grout and that’s because no one has offered a high performance grout with such a wide selection of colors and/or presentations like we can with Starlike. In fact, grout is the weakest link in tile and stone installation, but Starlike easily overcomes and removes that weak link with high performance, best fashion and lowest toxicity classification of any grout type.

Starlike® grout products are suitable on nearly all surfaces and is available in current and traditional color trends, including metallic and uniform colors, elegant shades with light effects and changing reflections, glamour grout and glittering effects. At The Tile Doctor we offer 159 traditional and modern looks – see our color chart for a list of available options.

It’s important to note that no matter what grout product you use, you must follow the safety guidelines they come with. But wouldn’t you want to use the best grout for performance and overall safety? Of course! This is why you should be using Starlike grout to give you the best performance and safety of any grout choice. In addition, it’s available in very fashionable color choices.

Contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362) to learn more about the world’s leader in safe and high-performing tile and stone installation products. You can also search for a store near you that sells Starlike products.

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