Litokol has been creating advanced, safer products for the tile and stone industry for decades. Since 1968, the company has extended its activities and product lines beyond the scope of the traditional tile sector to encompass the broader building environment. Litokol has always made it a mission to provide functional and precise solutions to meet the needs of building professional with products that are of the highest quality and safer for installers and the environment. The company has accomplished through thoughtful selection of raw materials, meticulous management of the production chain, and an efficient research and development department that guarantees consistently high quality products that conform to European standards, making Litokol products among the most respected in the industry throughout the world.

Tile Doctor Litostain Cleaner
Litokol has recently began introducing a new range of detergent and surface treatment products developed and produced with the same attention to quality, performance, and safety as all of their products. One of Litokol’s new products, Litostain Cleaner, is a water-based gel cleaner designed for the removal of colored stains. Litostain Cleaner is a highly versatile product that can be used on all ceramic and natural stone surfaces. It effortlessly extracts and removes colored staining agents like coffee, red wine, fruit, fruit juices, mold, algae, ink, and other extreme staining materials. The product has a thick consistency texture that guarantees it will have longer contact time with the stain. The viscosity allows the product to be used for vertical applications, which makes it the perfect stain removing product for many situations.

Litostain is not only effective, it’s easy to use. Simply apply Litostain Cleaner directly on the stain and leave it to do its work for 10 to 20 minutes for stains that are new. For extremely resistant stains, leave the product on overnight. After this time, remove the product using a clean cloth and rinse well.

The Tile Doctor is the exclusive North American distributor for this world leading boutique grouting product line. Litokol grouting products are widely used and well-respected around the world not only for quality and performance but also for the aesthetic value they bring to any tile or mosaic installation, which is why the Tile Doctor carries this line of products. We believe in providing consumers with the best products in the industry, and since Litokol products meet such high standards, the Tile Doctor is proud to offer them. We take the same approach and care in working with products that are safe for the environment and for installers, so the Litokol line of grouting products fit well within the scope of what the Tile Doctor believes in.

At the Tile Doctor, we are continuing to be a part of Litokol’s quality product line. We are now proudly carrying Litokol’s high-quality Litostain colored stain remover as well as a number of other great new products Litokol has being introducing. We are confident these products adhere to the same stringent quality standards as all other Litokol products, which is why we are so pleased to be a part of this product launch.

Here at the Tile Doctor, we are happy to be able to introduce a new line of detergents and surface treatment products. Some of the new products include Litogres Protector, Litoseal Terraze, Litocare Matt, and Litogrip Floor, along with products from Litokol’s Zherorisk initiative, a line of products that present absolutely no risk whatsoever to installers, consumers, or the environment.

At the Tile Doctor, we are proud to carry only the finest tile and grout products in the industry. If you are ready to try the new Litostain Cleaner or any of the other fine Litokol products, contact us at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362)and let’s discuss your project. Our expert staff is standing by to help you find the materials and products you need for your next project.

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