Blue Tile With Blue and Beige Glitter GroutYou may have already selected tile for your kitchen or bathroom remodel but now it’s time to accessorized with your grout selection. Don’t miss a prime opportunity to put the finishing touches on your design like choosing the perfect earrings for that “little black dress”. Grout is more than just a filler between your tile. The color of your grout should be just as big of a design decision as the color and type of tile. Selecting the right color and type of grout can affect your visual impact as well as your maintenance requirements.

With Litokol Starlike® Stain-Proof Grouts in Classic Color, Glamour Color, Metallic Color, and Crystal® Glass grout and Shimmer Finishes additives you now have a new found creative freedom to create a countore design to meet your one-of-a-kind “project remodel” vision.

    1. Lay your tiles out on a color scale and see what colors compliment your design
    2. Select grout samples to place in and around your tile samples
    3. If you’re having difficulty making a final decision, mock up a sample with your tile and potential grout color and place in the room for a 1-2 days and see if the grout color is consistent with your design vision.
    4. Select a darker color if you are wanting to disguise immediate dirt that gets deposited in a high traffic room.
    5. Select a lighter color if you are trying to achieve that “clean-look” and lighten up the room or make it feel more spacious.
    6. If you have a multi-colored mosaic, decide which tone in the mosaic you’re wanting to accentuate and coordinate your grout color to that specific color. That will bring more emphasis to that tone.
    7. If you want all attention to be on the tiles select a grout that closely compliments the shades of the tiles or for multi-colored mosaics, maybe the Crystal® Glass Grout which is translucent and tends to remain neutral allowing the mosaics themselves to be the star of the show.
    8. If your tile is very plain highlight it with a bright and vibrant colored grout or try re-grouting an existing installation. Grout can be changed or re-colored later if design trends change. It’s easier than replacing your tile installation and it allows you be more expressive with your color choices.

The color of grout you select can change the look and appeal of the tile. To demonstrate how big of a difference the color of grout can make we mocked up four sections of mosaic tile.

All four sections are the same 1×1 mosaic color pattern but we want to illustrate how the grout selection changes the appearance of each.

We used Litokol’s Starlike® Stain-Proof Grout C.440 Lime withSilver Shimmer, C.470 Absolute White with Gold Shimmer, Metallic Platinum, C.260 Sapphire with Gold Shimmer Practice making samples and creating tile and grout color schemes by creating fun DIY projects like trivets.

Get easy step by step instructions to make Tile Trivets on a our previous post.

Tile Doctor® Grout Products are all the things conventional cement grout isn’t—stain proof, mold and mildew and acid resistant.

Regarded as fashion grout, Tile Doctor® Grout Products are suitable for all tiles and are available in traditional Classic Collection Colors, vibrant Glamour Collection Colors, modern Metallic Collection colors and a translucent Crystal® Glass Grout.

And with the addition of a Shimmer Finish additive you can elevate your grout into high-fashion with a glittering effect.

*Product was provided by The Tile Doctor but all opinions are my own.
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