Couple Ready to do Home Improvement ProjectIt’s that time of year. Valentine’s Day: big bucks for florists, greeting card sellers, and jewelers. Isn’t it funny how so many couples get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant when the rest of the year they are just as happy to order in?

I have a better idea. Why not work on a home improvement project together? Hear me out, before you dismiss the idea. DIY projects are great relationship builders for couples. If you are both open to hearing one another’s design ideas, it is a terrific idea to work together on creating something that both of you have input. Ladies, now’s the time you can show him that Pinterest board you’ve been adding to little by little.

By working on a DIY project together, you learn to appreciate each other and:

  • What your individual strengths and weaknesses are
  • How you handle difference in opinions
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Singles are you aren’t left out. So many singles are homeowners, chances are that you have similar renovation projects. It’s a terrific way to learn by taking on these projects with friends. So, when it comes time for your DIY project you can call on your friends to return the favor. Get some hands on experience that you can put to good use when ready to implement your own home project.

    I’m certainly no relationship expert, but here’s what I can share with you: when I walk into our kitchen and see the counters we picked out together and look at the beautiful herring bone backsplash we installed together, I’m full of happiness.

    Would you ever attempt a DIY project with your husband / wife / significant other? Or is it out of the question to work with your better half.? Tell us what DIY project you would want to tackle or share your story with us on our Facebook page.

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