Stone Column in Pool AreaLet’s face it, purchasing and installing natural stone can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. Then there is the process of finding and hiring of a qualified installer. The weight of the stone is a large issue, because it becomes so hard to transport and allows for no flexibility, leaving the project at hand to be a rather difficult one even for the professional installer. If you’re somebody who’s finding themselves in a pickle because of these specified issues, then we here at the Tile Doctor have the solution. Introducing VersaLite Stone® Veneer Panels! These 2mm thin sheets are made from REAL Stone and offer a unique way to make large stone installations that look like slabs when installed but are actually applied like a thin veneer. In addition, they are about as flexible as you could ever need. Applicable with interior & exterior walls, columns, showers, light traffic floors, doors, cabinets, you name it! Even better than that, the cost to manufacture and transport these slabs is much less, as it is 95% less stone to produce as compared to traditional stone surfacing materials.

Black Stone Wall Panel in Modern RoomAll of these VersaLite Stone® Veneer Panels are natural, and as nature created millions of years ago. There is no alteration of the texture, coloration, and the stones natural beauty. Although modern methods are used to create constant sizing of panels for ease of installation, these modern methods provide new levels of durability, weather resistance and function in virtually every environment.

Aesthetically every piece is as different as the original slab of stone from which is was pulled from. The natural feel, graining and variances of color hues remains, each panel has its own natural and individual beauty. And there is no need to buy costly new equipment for installation, cutting the panels can be done with a quality sheer or tile saw.

Check how beautifully the VersaLite Stone® fits into a luxurious Bentley:

Translucent Stone Panel for ReceptionThere are three types of VersaLite Stone® panels available and more coming soon. We have the Stone Veneer, Fabric, and Lite Panels that we are offering, and each has its own unique features and applications. The Fabric panels are, as you might have guessed, backed with fabric material that allows for maximum flexibility for all your artistic desires. The Lite panels are translucent, which means light is able to shine through! Take a look at a back-lit application of our Lite panels: So whether you are a homeowner, installer, or an architect, it’s clear that VersaLite Stone® Veneer panels are going to give you a unique level of finish and save you time AND money in a big way. If you are looking for a really unique application on a feature wall instead of faux painting or in places like your shower these panels when installed look like large slabs, and they can be installed by professionals or even an experienced DIY’er can tackle them. Give us a call or email at: 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362)/

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