Showers can be a particular challenge for grout. Why? Because the moisture level in showers, not only from the direct contact of the water itself, but also from the heavy moisture produced by steam and condensation, can lead to all sorts of problems for grout, especially when the wrong type of grout is used in the shower. Cement-based grout, for instance, can be a real problem because it is porous and easily absorbs moisture. This can lead to a breakdown of the grout itself or to the growth of mold and fungi that can be harmful to anyone living in the house. It also means the risk of cracking and shrinkage over time. This means that cement-based grout should be avoided in a shower or even in a bathroom.

Epoxy Grout Is the Best Option for Showers and Moist Environments

What is the Best Grout to Use in a Shower?

Epoxy grout is a great choice for showers and moist environments. Epoxy grout is water resistant and made from resins and fillers that help it work like a sealing adhesive. Epoxy grout is a better choice for showers, kitchen, bathrooms, and other damp areas because it is stain resistant and requires no sealing, unlike cement-based grout. While epoxy grout can be slightly more expensive than cement-based grout, the added expense is more than made up for in durability and the longevity of the epoxy grout in moist environments. Because it is so reliable and durable, many experienced and knowledgeable contractors will use epoxy grout for tiles and mosaics that will be in moist, damp areas, including outdoor environments and even in swimming pools. Waterproof epoxy grout is ideal for showers and bathrooms because of its bonding power. Epoxy grout won’t crack, stain, or shrink, making it an ideal solution for wet environments.

How to Use Epoxy Grout in a Shower

Prepare the area where you will install the grout by cleaning it thoroughly. Mix the epoxy grout according to the instructions on the grout. It will vary between brands. Apply the epoxy grout with a trowel to fill the joints, then smooth it out. Have a damp sponge ready to wipe any excess grout from the tiles. Work on small areas at a time. Regardless of how quickly you are at wiping away the excess grout, chances are you will have some grout haze. Use a clean cloth and water to remove remaining haze from your tiles. You will no doubt need to do this frequently. If you work slow and methodically, you can minimize the amount of excess grout.

The Best Grout for Your Shower

What is the best grout to use in a shower? We’ve already established that epoxy grout is a far better grout to use in a shower or in any other moist environment. At the Tile Doctor, we carry the very best epoxy grout on the market. We are the exclusive North American U.S. distributor for Litokol, the world leader in boutique grouting product. Litokol grouting products are used extensively worldwide and are highly respected for their quality, durability, high level of performance, and for their aesthetic appeal. Part of our Litokol product line includes Starlike grout products, which is the highest quality grout on the market.

Matching or Contrasting Grout Colors to the Tiles Can Change a Room's Appearance
At the Tile Doctor, we bring you exclusive color collections that include the Starlike Classic Grout Collection for subtle, classic colors, Starlike Glamour Grout Colors collection, which gives you a range of bolder colors, the Starlike metallic grout Collection for that shiny metal appeal, or the dazzling Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels that let you add the glitz and glam of jewel colors. This includes an exclusive Diamond Grout, made with fine diamond aggregate and various sizes and shapes of diamond pieces, letting you achieve the brilliance and reflective qualities of real diamonds. With this exclusive grout, a square foot of installed glass tiles can contain up to 7 carats of actual diamond.

There are also glamour colors for more flashy applications. Starlike Crystal Glass Grout is ideal for glass tile installations. It’s a translucent grout made up of tiny hollow glass beads that force light to reflect and refract, bringing out the color of your glass tiles for a dramatic effect. This grout takes on the hues of the tiles when the tile is colored all the way through, highlighting the best visual elements of the installation and giving it exceptional aesthetic appeal.

Starlike Grout Is the Best and Safest Choice on the Market for Epoxy Grout
No matter what look you’re going for, what style you need, or where you need grout, Starlike grout colors collections have you covered. There are enough color choices and textures to let you express yourself in any location, indoors or out, and since Starlike is a high-quality epoxy grout, it doesn’t need to be sealed, making it perfect for areas where there will be heavy moisture. Our Starlike grout is resistant to extreme weather conditions, so even if you use it outdoors, it will hold up for years.

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When you are looking for the best epoxy grout on the market, The Tile Doctor has the color selection you want and the quality you need. To learn more about our superior tile epoxy grout products, and our line of sealers, cleaners, and maintenance products for your tile installation projects, contact us today at 1-877-TileDoc(845-3362). We look forward to helping you find the right grout for your shower.

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